Valve Employee Reveals When the Battle Pass 2020 Will Release

Vignesh Raghuram
21/May/2020 08:15 pm
  • In a reddit thread, a verified Valve employee revealed that the Battle Pass will release early next week.

It looks like the leaks were right. After weeks of speculation and detective work, and some pleading of course, Valve has finally decided to communicate with us and somewhat reveal the release date of the 2020 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass will be released early next week, according to verified Valve employee /u/cameron_dev. 

Image via /r/dota2

He posted this on Reddit, and was immediately replied to by three other Valve developers, leading credence to this. He also linked an image to his comment which just showcases a Lina calculating stuff.

Perhaps it is a hint towards a Lina Immortal? We’ll find out soon enough.

Earlier this week, updates to the Baby Roshan/Aegis Replica registration site and updates to a Steam Database that hasn't been updated since September 2019 indicated that the Battle Pass was nearing its release date. Turns out, it was true.


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