The International 10 Battle Pass Release Date on the Horizon?

Vignesh Raghuram
20/May/2020 03:02 pm
  • Updates to the Baby Roshan/Aegis Replica registration site indicates that the Battle Pass release date is close.
  • Yesterday, there were updates to a Steam Database that hasn't been updated since September 2019 (when the TI9 Battle Pass expired)

Before you crucify us. We want to say that yes, we were wrong before when we stated that the Battlepass was going to launch in April 2020. We ended up having to off a couple of Pudglings as a result.

RIP Pudglings. You will be missed.

However, that will not stop us from bringing in all the rumours and indications about the new Battle Pass for the International 10. A couple of posts popped up on Reddit, last night, indicating that the Battle Pass will be releasing shortly.

Baby Roshan Registration

A Reddit user, /u/Undead_Sara visited the official site, where people register for the delivery of their Baby Roshans and Aegis replicas. The site has opened registrations for the delivery of ‘The International 2020’ Battle Pass’s Baby Roshan and Aegis replicas.

While many were excited about this, stating that this was evidence that the Battle Pass was going to release in the near future, one redditor /u/PizzaForever98 claims that the site has been up since April 2020.

Steam Database Updates

However, do not lose all your hope. Other Reddit detectives have recently found out a few updates to the Steam database which indicates that the Battle Pass will release before long. 

A steam database which wasn't updated since September 2019 (Incidentally, the TI9 Battle Pass expired in the same month) received an update earlier today. This usually happens on the day before the release of the Battle Pass, the release day and when it comes to an end, in previous editions of the Battle Pass.

It isn’t concrete, but it is not nothing. At the very least, it indicates that the release date is very close.

Of course, we all know trying to predict Valve’s calendar is quite a herculean task. So, of course, there is still the possibility of us being very wrong, again. However, what can we do? We just want to throw some money on GabeN and have something to do during the lockdown.


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