[Watch] S1mple Takes Ace In CS:GO and VALORANT During Same Twitch Stream

Aditya Singh Rawat
9/Apr/2021 03:51 am

One of the best Counter-Strike players in the world s1mple took an ace across both CS:GO and Valorant during the same stream.
He secured an ace in CS:GO using a Deagle while the one in Valorant was achieved using a Ghost.

Oleksandr “s1mple“ Kostyliev is a man of many talents, who showed off his impressive gaming skills by taking an incredible ace across both CS:GO and Valorant during the same Twitch stream. It seems one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world is almost equally adept in Valorant, as he secured an ace across both the games within a single stream. One of the biggest Counter-Strike streamers in the world, s1mple has a following of about 2.4 million on Twitch and the reason behind this massive following is his raw talent. Something which was showcased in abundance during his 9 April stream, when he took a Deagle (Sheriff) ace in CS:GO followed by a Ghost (USP-S) ace in Valorant within a single stream.

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S1mple takes an ace across both CS:GO and Valorant

The Ukrainian AWPer was casually streaming on Twitch once again, something he does on a regular basis whenever he has some free time on his hands. The stream titled ‘1-2 FPL, Valorant after’, gave everyone a pretty good idea of what they would be in for when tuning into the stream. Little did they know that s1mple was in a whole different mood today and would bless them with not just 1 but 2 aces, one across each CS:GO and Valorant.

Effortless CS:GO Deagle Ace

Playing an FPL match with some fellow professional players on Train, s1mple entered the zone on round 17 when the score was levelled at ‘8-8’. Armed with just a Deagle while playing CT-sided, the Ukrainian quietly awaited the arrival of his opponents as he turned the corner to pick 5 consecutive kills.

Though the first 2 kills were a bit abrupt, s1mple managed to take 0 damage from the whole ordeal, in return securing a wonderful ace against professional CS:GO players like Jesper "JW" Wecksell, Moustafa "BLACKEAGLE" Baghdadi, Boris "magixx" Vorobiev, Özgür "woxic" Eker, and Nils "k1to" Gruhne.

Incredible Valorant Ghost Ace

Fresh off an ace in CS:GO, s1mple went on to secure another brilliant 1v5 victory in Valorant just an hour later. Following a satisfying ‘16-8’ victory on Train, s1mple went on to play a game of Valorant on Split where he managed to pull off another impressive ace, this time with a Ghost.

Playing as a Defender, s1mple’s team had managed to win the pistol round and had a small ‘1-0’ lead. Despite getting knocked down to just 20 health after taking the first 2 kills, s1mple on the back of some sneaky movement combined with a precise read of the situation was able to secure the remaining 3 kills as well.

Delivering an ace across both CS:GO and Valorant within an hour as part of the same Twitch stream, s1mple has gone on to prove that his talent is not just limited to CS:GO and that no matter which game he picks up, there is nothing short of total domination awaiting him.

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