VAC Banned CS:GO Pro Jamppi Might Join Team Liquid's Valorant Roster

Daniel Medado
24/Feb/2021 01:37 pm

Reports claim that retired CS:GO Pro Jamppi who was banned from all Valve-sponsored events might be joining Team Liquid's Valorant roster.
This comes amid reports claiming that Team Liquid is actively searching for replacements for their active members e1cs or Soulcas.
If the reports turn out to be true, Team Liquid would be Jamppi's first professional Valorant team.

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is making news once again after recent reports have claimed that the VAC banned CS:GO pro has been practicing with Team Liquid’s Valorant roster, and will soon replace one of the team’s active players. Jamppi has been without a team ever since he retired from CS:GO in January to pursue a professional career in Valorant instead. Neither Jamppi nor Team Liquid has made a public statement about the matter yet. The 19-year-old Finn is currently on ENCE’s bench as an inactive player, so if Liquid is actually interested in him they would have to buy him out his contract.

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Jamppi to join his first Valorant team?

The media has seen many CS:GO pros and retired players transition their way into Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter Valorant, ever since the game was released in mid-2020. The latest to join this list is the talented VAC banned, former CS:GO AWPer Jamppi.

Jamppi most recently played CS:GO for Finnish esports organization ENCE who signed him despite his ban from Valve-sponsored events, like the prestigious Majors. He found occasional success with the organization whenever he could play, but only 8 months down the line Jamppi has decided to start anew. He has retired from Counter-Strike and transferred over to Valorant where he is free from all Valve restrictions.

Another big reason the Finnish player made the move is because there seemed to be no signs of Valve ever lifting his VAC ban, which posed as a critical hindrance to his growth within the title. Even after filing a €250,000 lawsuit against Valve in a regional Finnish court, the last public outcome had reportedly favored Valve and though Jamppi’s lawyer at the time had said that they would appeal against that decision, no further information has come out since.

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Jamppi has been on ENCE’s bench since Jan 2021, but he might have already found his first Valorant team as reports from yesterday claim that the Finn has been practicing with Team Liquid’s Valorant roster. Further information suggests that if he is picked up by Liquid, their current in-game leader Adam “ec1s” Eccles or Dom "soulcas" Sulcas might be the ones most likely to be replaced. 

These changes are being made after Team Liquid’s continued poor runs, especially in the recent Valorant Champions Tour European Qualifiers. If the report turns out to be true then Jamppi might join Team Liquid’s roster just in time to help them qualify for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 3.


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