[Watch] Deaf CS:GO Twitch Streamer Takes 1v5 Clutch Ace on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Feb/2021 03:02 pm

Deaf 23-year-old CS:GO Twitch streamer from Estonia takes a brilliant 1v5 clutch ace on Mirage.
The player used all available visual feedback to the maximum like the minimap, keeping in mind the player rotations, incoming damage indicator, and text information by teammates.
He had been commended by G2 Esports earlier for a similar clutch ace on Overpass.

Being deaf and still managing to pull off a 1v5 clutch ace is a massive flex, especially in a competitive tactical shooter like CS:GO where information through sound cues is so important and essential. A 23-year-old Estonian Twitch streamer who goes by the name of ‘zennithh’ on the streaming platform is a deaf CS:GO player, but this does not seem to stop the talented player from destroying his opponents. A recent clip shared by him has gone viral within the CS:GO community and players are blown away by his insane 1v5 clutch ace, which the player pulls off with utmost finesse.

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Deaf CS:GO Twitch streamer destroys opponents alone

It is close to impossible playing a competitive tactical shooter like CS:GO without any sound. A player would be literally lost on the map in the absence of sound, as it would cut their communication with the team and they would be literally playing without any information.

But despite facing a huge setback, deaf Estonian CS:GO streamer ‘zennithh’ is a formidable player to go up against and he keeps proving this time and again. In his recent viral clip, armed with just a pistol (Glock-18) he went ham on the enemy team right on the very first round of the map. He single-handedly took a quad kill on the ‘B Site’ before slowly making his way over to the other site, planting the C4, and then clutching the round with the final kill to seal the round perfectly for his side.

From the clip above one can see that the player himself is not wearing any headphones or earphones to get any sort of audio feedback from the game. His teammates are still trying to communicate with him using the in-game text communication option though, a useful tool that gave him a heads up about the last enemy player pushing the ‘A Site’ in the post-plant situation.

The community were quite shocked that ‘zennithh’ was able to play the round so well despite facing what can be considered as a huge handicap for a regular player. It somehow does not affect the Estonian streamer much who uses all other visual aspects of the game to the maximum like, the RADAR, constant awareness of player rotations, incoming damage indicator, and other such tools.

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