[Watch] CS:GO Pros FalleN & JW Try a Triple Boost on Overpass

Aditya Singh Rawat
30/Jan/2021 07:01 pm

CS:GO pros FalleN and JW try out one of the classic triple boosts on Overpass.
No other CS:GO map has as many useful boosts as Overpass, legitimacy of a few of these boosts could be questionable though.
How many Overpass boosts from the ones listed below have you tried out so far?

Name a better duo than Overpass and Triple Boosts, the map is a breeding ground for all kinds of boosts. 8 years since CS:GO came out and players still manage to find a new boost spot on the map, legal or not could definitely be a topic of discussion for a few of them though.

This time CS:GO pros Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Jesper "JW" Wecksell were the ones to try out one of the classic triple-man boosts towards ‘A Long’ on Overpass. The is a legal boost and has been used many times in competitive Counter-Strike,  here is how you can try it out as well.

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CS:GO pros FalleN & JW try out a triple boost

Probably during a FACEIT match, FalleN and JW who were playing together ‘T-sided’ on Overpass decided to try out the classic triple man boost towards ‘A Long’ while making their way towards the ‘A Site’.

FalleN was the one coordinating the three-man boost with an unknown player acting as the middle player and JW being the top-most player. First, both the players jumped on top of FalleN and then they synchronized another jump which resulted in JW reaching the top. The triple boost does require a little bit of practice to time it perfectly in one go otherwise, it is quite simple to replicate.

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From the clip above one can see that the trio got the boost right on the second attempt with JW successfully securing a kill as well. The clip shows the triple man boost from FalleN’s perspective and we do not get a proper visual of areas that are visible through that boost, so let me break it down for you.

JW after utilizing that boost can get a clear visual of the area by the ‘Truck’ also called ‘Sentinel’ where he picks the kill, visible on the mini map. But apart from that, the player can also get a fair amount of vision near the ‘Bank’ and a really small portion of the back of the ‘Trashcan’ towards the back of the site.

This is an old three-man boost, one of the classics on the map and if you did not already know about this well you could try it out now in your next match on Overpass. Some of the more unusual boosts on the map which you can also give a try are,

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