[Watch] CS:GO Player Earns $7800 in 5 Seconds on Vertigo

Aditya Singh Rawat
30/Jan/2021 01:26 pm

CS:GO player takes an incredible ace on Vertigo with a semi-automatic shotgun - XM1014.
The user was holding the 'B-Site' entrance alone on Vertigo and slammed the enemy side hard to take an ace within just 5 seconds.
Have you taken an ace with a shotgun in CS:GO so far this year?

Imagine destroying the entire enemy team in CS:GO within just 5 seconds and earning $7,800 in return for it. A dream that many of us think about but only a few are able to achieve. Well, ‘u/slaughtrr12’ was one of the lucky players to have stashed up on a lot of cash, close to $8000 in just one round, all because of an incredible shotgun ace.

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CS:GO player earns $7800 in 5 secs with shotgun ace

Armed with a semi-automatic shotgun ‘XM1014’, ‘u/slaughtrr12’ was able to earn a good chunk of money by taking an incredible ace on Vertigo. Down by two rounds and with the team requiring a win to bounce back in the game, the user held the entrance of ‘B-Site’ from towards ‘B-Tunnels’ all alone.

In a matter of five seconds, the user was able to secure an ace, earn $7800 for himself, and win the round for his side. The user hit some crisp shots with the shotgun, shutting down the ‘T-Side’ who sadly could not play well along with all the utility that they had used.

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The CS:GO economy has been made this way that every action within the game awards the team a set amount of money. In this case, the five kills with the shotgun along with a round win due to elimination resulted in a total of $7,800 being earned by the user.

His investment for the round was $4,100 consisting of the following things, 

  • The weapon (XM1014) - $2000
  • Helmet + Kevlar - $1000
  • Utility (HE + Flashbang + Incendiary) - $1,100

This means that the player had a profit of $2700 going into the next round. Things like this are what makes the game of Counter-Strike so interesting. The outcome of one round sets the tone for the coming rounds as well. In this case, the user has stocked up on quite some cash which can help the team out if they happen to lose the next round.

Good economy leads to better weapon purchaseGood economy leads to better weapon purchase

The economy is an important part of the game and managing it properly is essential for a team’s success, especially at a higher level of competitive gameplay. The money earned from this round would have been more than 50% of the maximum cap under the casual game mode ($10,000), while it would have been close to 50% during a competitive round ($16,000).


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