[Watch] One-Handed CS:GO Player Takes Insane Double Kill

Aditya Singh Rawat
20/Nov/2020 05:54 am

Disabled Portuguese streamer 'xirilikika' shows off insane skill in-game.
She single handedly moves and fires constantly switching between the mouse and the keyboard.
The 22-year-old has gone viral as the clip below has garnered more than 45,000 views so far.

A lot of us are not able to control our spray properly while moving when playing CS:GO with both our hands, now imagine doing the same with just one hand. This complicated one-handed maneuvering is something ‘xirilikika’ a 22-year-old disabled streamer from Portugal does on the daily. 

She recently outclassed her opponents so hard with a fantastic double kill on Inferno that they were compelled to clip that particular moment and show it off on the internet.

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Disabled CS:GO Streamer Takes Insane Double Kill

The Portuguese streamer is one determined player as she has mastered the art of moving around and firing in-game using just one hand. The disabled streamer uses a regular keyboard and mouse to achieve something nearly impossible and complicated as she constantly shifts between the two peripherals keeping her movements tight and her aim steady.

The clip above has gone viral across the internet as the CS:GO community has come together to praise the streamer, appreciating her determination and commending her skill. She went berserk on Inferno as she took an insane double kill near ‘Library’, running rings around her opponents as she took one down with a Deagle followed by another with an MP9.

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Since the clip went viral many have reached out to the streamer calling her an inspiration, an incredible CS:GO player, among many other things. At the time of writing this article, the clip has already garnered more than 45,000 views as the number just keeps on growing along with her Twitch followers.

Many from the CS:GO community suggested her to play with a mouse that is equipped with a small joystick on the side so she could move and fire more easily like ASUS ROG Chakram, but as the mouse is really heavy on the wallet a few others suggested her to just try out a mouse with a few extra buttons and bind movement to it.

The community was overall quite appreciative of the streamer and gave her some helpful tips. Maybe the wooden gaming gun that was showcased by ‘u/taandcoh’ last month on Reddit could be a great solution for this situation!


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