NiKo Talks About Who Might be Leaving G2 Esports by Year End

Aditya Singh Rawat
6/Nov/2020 05:45 pm

NiKo reveals that G2 Esports is not at all interested in a six-man roster.
He goes on to name the players that are on the chopping board.
G2 Esports will be removing a player from the current lineup by the end of this year.

G2 Esports most recent acquisition Nikola "NiKo" Kovac has turned out to be a great decision for the side as they have already broken the ‘French Curse’ by winning the BLAST Premier Fall 2020. While still adjusting to the team and looking forward to the upcoming tournaments NiKo in a recent interview with Dexerto revealed the names of those players that are on the chopping board as one of them will be departing the lineup by the end of the year.

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NiKo Talks About Who G2 Esports Might Kick

The biggest question on everyone’s mind as soon as G2 Esports announced NiKo was who might be departing the team to make way for the newcomer. Early reports had suggested that it would be Francois "AmaNEk" Delaunay who would be getting the boot but till now G2 Esports has not removed anyone as they continue to operate a six-man roster.

NiKo in the interview revealed that G2 Esports are currently trying out both Francois "AmaNEk" Delaunay and Audric “JaCkz” Jug to see who fits into the team better. He explained that G2 Esports will be alternating between the two players to see who fits into the role better, maybe this means that we would see JaCkz replace AmaNEk in the ongoing IEM Beijing 2020 as the latter was seen playing for the side at BLAST Premier Fall 2020.

AmaNEk's performance in the last five tournamentsAmaNEk's performance in the last five tournamentsHe clarified that G2 was not interested in operating a six-man roster and that by the beginning of the next year they will have a set five-man roster. The remaining four-players will continue playing the roles they are comfortable in as one of the two remaining players takes the last spot for the role of an entry fragger/support.

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This seems to be in-line with the information that the organization had themselves revealed as we officially get to know from NiKo the names of the players that are in the danger zone. With plenty of tournaments still left to be played out before the year comes to an end, both the French riflers will be getting an ample amount of time to prove themselves.


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