[Watch] Kngv Takes Down Dev1ce With a Smoke Grenade on Vertigo

Aditya Singh Rawat
6/Nov/2020 03:00 pm

MIBR was the talk of the town following their return to competitive CS:GO with a new lineup that proved to be quite the challenge for heavyweights like Astralis and G2 Esports. They impressed everyone with a lineup that did not have a lot of experience but still gave everyone a really tough time on the server. Their IGL Vito “kNgV- “ Giuseppewas was in fact so good that he literally took down Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz with a smoke grenade on Vertigo.

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Dev1ce Goes Down To A Smoke Grenade

Utilities are a big part of Counter-Strike and a team that uses these perfectly are known to be some of the best in the world as they add a layer of depth to their strategies. HE Grenade is the only utility which players directly throw at others to dish huge amounts of damage in a small area while the other utilities are used to clear out angles and block out vision as throwing them directly at players only deals 1HP damage.

But it seemed to be the weapon of choice for kNgV on the 29th round of Vertigo as both the teams battled hard to reach the map point first. Rotating through ‘A Connector’ to cut off an aggressive push through mid from MIBR, dev1ce swung wide to peek the corner but was caught by two MIBR players as he rushed back to take cover but was hit by the AK spray for 99 quickly followed by a smoke grenade thrown by kNGv- that struck him and took him out.

A bit unfortunate for dev1ce there and definitely not something that had MIBR had planned, it all just happened in the heat of the moment. When it comes to playing a game on Vertigo this is still not the worst way to die as far worse things have happened to players fighting on the terrace of this high-rise.

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Despite losing the round Astralis managed to win both the map and the series to drop MIBR down to the lower bracket. MIBR still had a hugely successful campaign as they went on to beat their local rivals FURIA followed by another close series against G2 Esports.


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