S1mple Attains Highest Player Rating at BLAST Premier Fall 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
6/Nov/2020 12:19 pm

s1mple becomes the highest rated player of BLAST Premier Fall 2020.
His worst single map rating of the tournament was 0.87 while his best rating was 2.05.
He also attained the most number of AWP kills per round.

Natus Vincere might have struggled through BLAST Premier Fall 2020 as they lost to OG twice in a row but despite the loss, the Ukrainian organization had something to celebrate as their ace player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev returned to form by achieving the highest rating in the tournament after a serious drop in his performance at IEM New York 2020 CIS.

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S1mple Leads From The Front

With an overall rating of 1.37 across 10 maps, s1mple took the lead at BLAST Premier Fall 2020 after facing a bit of a drop in his performance at IEM New York 2020 CIS which was also the Fall Major qualifier for the region.

Among the top five players on the list, s1mple was the only one with an overall rating of above 1.30 which he achieved on the back of some stellar performances. The best of which was observed in the last lower bracket game against NiP where s1mple took a total of 26 frags while only going down 9 times, attaining a rating of 2.05 in the process while ensuring that Na’Vi reached the finals.

His worst performance of the tournament sadly came in the finals itself as s1mple with a K-D differential of -4 had a rough second map against OG as he finished with a rating of 0.87, but despite his poor showing Na’Vi managed to win that game.

A big reason why s1mple was able to outshine his competitors was because of his superior AWPing skills as he was also the player who took the most AWP kills per round with an average of 0.45, slightly better than the other AWPers behind him but that seems to have made all the difference.

s1mple took the most AWP kills per rounds1mple took the most AWP kills per roundUnfortunately despite his heroics, Na’Vi was unable to win their group as they fell to OG in the finals with a ‘1-2’ scoreline. They still managed to qualify for the main event but this one-man show does not look like the right approach for Na’Vi considering the level of Counter-Strike that the other teams have recently displayed.

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