FURIA’s IGL arT Requests Valve to Fix Clipping Bug Found on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Oct/2020 11:19 am

FURIA's entry rifler yuurih accidentally discovers a window clipping bug on Mirage.
The clipping bug hinders a player from entering window when approached at a certain angle via bench.
arT requests Valve to fix this issue at the earliest.

FURIA’s entry fragger Yuri “yuurih” Gomes in a recent match against Triumph discovered a clipping bug in Mirage on the ‘Window’ which hindered him from entering inside after he approached it from the ‘Bench’.

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New Clipping Bug Found On Mirage

The window clipping bug on Mirage seems to be a recent discovery which obstructs a player from entering inside when approached at a certain angle. FURIA’s entry fragger yuurih accidentally found this clipping bug when playing against Triumph as he could not gain entry via the ‘Window’ when approaching it through the ‘Bench’ but upon attempting the same again everything went smoothly.

This seems to be a huge hindrance to both casual and pro players alike as one of the main purposes of adding the ‘Bench’ totally gets defeated because of this clipping bug. The ‘Bench’ was added to help users gain access through the ‘Window’ without requiring a boost while also helping them peek towards ‘B Short’.

arT Requests Valve To Fix The Problem

FURIA’s fast-paced strats have helped them gain an edge over their regional competitors and the recent clipping bug found on Mirage might be a big hindrance for them. This is why Andrei "arT" Piovezan has specially requested Valve to fix this issue at the earliest.

He has gone on to recreate the bug himself while stating that “We've lost some important rounds because we got stuck in the window frame.” 

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Though many users suggested that pressing ‘Ctrl’ before the jumping is a temporary solution to the problem arT explained that it was not a viable option as doing so slows down the player movement while entering through the window while also bugging the chances of a headshot if an enemy engages with them at that instant.

FURIA has been having a great time playing competitive Counter-Strike in the last few months having won five CS:GO tournaments since June. This has helped the Brazilian roster climb to the third position on the HLTV world rankings while also becoming the best team in the North American region. But the real test of recreating the same on LAN’s still awaits them!


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