Polish Legend pashaBiceps Might Compete in CS:GO Again With New Team

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Oct/2020 01:29 pm

Reports suggest that Polish legend pashaBiceps might be returning to competitive Counter-Strike.
pashaBiceps might form a Team Liquid CS:GO academy roster in Europe.
This academy roster might be looking forward to participate in the Polish Esport League.

CS:GO legend Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski who took a break from competitive Counter-Strike in September last year might be returning to competing once again according to reports by CS:GO insider ‘Polish Leaks’. The 32-year-old is currently working as a streamer for North American esports organization Team Liquid, but it seems that he might soon be returning to pro play with an academy roster.

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pashaBiceps Might Return To Competitive CS:GO

One of the most famous Counter-Strike players in the world pashaBiceps has been playing the game professionally for around 16 years now, though he has been absent from the competitive circuit for more than a year it seems that he is ready to mark his return.

The Pole who is currently working as a streamer for Team Liquid might soon be playing for their CS:GO academy roster as per reports. This academy roster might be operating from Poland under the leadership and guidance of pashaBiceps himself, this means that the roster could either be completely Polish or consist of players from all over Europe.

More information suggests that this academy roster will be targeting to compete in the Polish Esport League, which means that it will mostly be comprised of young upcoming talents which will compete in grassroots events. Though the speculation is creating a lot of buzz no official statement has been made by any of the parties involved.

This is not the first time Team Liquid will be picking up a European roster as they recently signed a VALORANT lineup in the region which has already competed in a few tournaments. It also seems like a good idea to cultivate young talent in Europe which the team can then transfer over to their main roster to compete in the NA region.

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In my personal opinion, it feels a bit odd that the Pole will be competing alongside such young players in an academy CS:GO roster. Maybe the role of a coach might have suited him better but him playing alongside the young players does not sound like an exciting idea. Let’s see if the speculation turns out to be true and if we get to see the big man on the server once again.


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