Team Liquid Welcomes Counter-Strike Legend pashaBiceps as Streamer

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Aug/2020 06:06 pm
  • Team Liquid had teased the announcement earlier today with the signing of Grim.
  • Everyone was quite surprised as pashaBiceps joined Team Liquid as a streamer.
  • Earlier there had been rumours that the Polish player was thinking of moving to VALORANT.

Something which has come off as a bit of a surprise to everyone despite Team Liquid dropping a hint earlier today that they have got another big CS:GO announcement following the signing of Michael “Grim” Wince, Polish Counter-Strike player Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski has joined Team Liquid as a streamer.

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PashaBiceps Joins Team Liquid As Streamer

The 32-year-old Counter-Strike legend who spent the majority of his CS:GO career playing for the Russian esports organization has now joined the North American organization Team Liquid as a streamer. Liquid had teased earlier today that they had a big CS:GO announcement in store for everybody following the signing of Grim.

They went on to surprise everyone by making the reveal through a well-executed video skit which shows some of the best plays made by pashaBiceps through his glorious Counter-Strike career along with some of his hand-picked VALORANT clips.

PashaBiceps is quite a popular streamer and the community has always enjoyed his streams, since being benched from the roster back in December 2018 the player had turned towards streaming. Though he failed to make a comeback to tier-one competitive CS:GO his streams became more and more popular.

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This has been the second surprise creator signing by a North American esports organization in recent times, as just last week Luminosity Gaming had added Swedish YouTuber-Streamer Anomaly. Though his role was not specified at the time, it is being speculated that he would be streaming and making content around CS:GO and VALORANT for them.

Team Liquid has recently gone through a big change in their competitive CS:GO roster as well which witnessed the departure of Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella from their active lineup following a string of mediocre performances since the start of the year.

In order to get things moving and recover from this slump, Liquid knew that a roster change had to be made unfortunately it came at the expense of the longest-standing member of their inaugural CS:GO roster.

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19-year-old Grim was signed by the North American powerhouse to replace nitr0. He is one of the most promising young candidates who proved himself on the Triumph lineup where he was the star player of the team.

His performance in the last six months has been absolutely top-notch as he holds an overall rating of 1.31 with an impact rating of 1.37 and a K-D ratio of 1.3, making him one of the most impressive tier-two North American CS:GO player.


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