CS:GO Legend PashaBiceps Might soon be Moving over to VALORANT

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Apr/2020 05:48 pm

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  • PashaBiceps is currently in talks with a large company that want him to become its ambassador for all of Europe for VALORANT.

  • PashaBiceps clarifies that he will not be playing the game professionally due to family responsibilities.

  • PashaBiceps reveals that he has played VALORANT for 50-60 hours and had previously been approached for creating content around the game.

One of the most prominent figures of Counter-Strike Jaroslaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzabkowski might become more involved with VALORANT in the coming future, as the 32-year-old is in advanced talks “with a very powerful organization,” who plan on making him their ambassador for the entirety of Europe, as reported by

“I think that if we complete the details and sign the contract, I will devote a little more time to Valorant,” says the Pole. Further stating that he obviously cannot reveal the name of the organization, but gives a clue by adding that this organization already fields a team in CS:GO.

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Shedding some light on what type of role would he be taking up, the player straight-up shot down the idea of him playing VALORANT professionally stating that he could create a team himself, but it would require him to dedicate an incredible amount of time towards the game and this was simply not possible because “At the moment, it would be very difficult for me to combine professional play with family responsibilities.”

Giving an example of how a football player spends 5-6 hrs training, he would also be required to spend around 10-12 hrs a day in front of a computer, which was not an option. Instead, pasha revealed that he had received a lot of opportunities to become a ‘content creator’ for VALORANT, with responsibilities including “playing and streaming combined with making various types of video materials related to tactical issues,” with a goal of revealing secrets of this game and record all of it.

PashaBiceps Played for VP from 2014-2019

Being one of the very first ones to receive an invitation to test VALORANT, pasha said that he had only spent around 50-60 hours playing the game till now, which is “not a large number compared to other streamers,” and hence it was just not possible for him to get into the game and start a team.

PashaBiceps who is considered to be one of the CS:GO legends, had a glorious CS:GO career during which he played fro Virtus.Pro for five long years. Since retiring from competitive Counter-Strike the player has started his very own ‘Pasha Gaming School’, but now with a big opportunity in VALORANT looming on the horizon, it will be interesting to see if he chooses to continue doing something within CS or move over to the rival gaming title.

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Note: Statements from involved parties were translated using Google Translate.


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