Brazilian CS:GO Streamer Gaules Apologises for Recent Cheating Accusations

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Jul/2020 04:38 pm
  • Gaules publicly apologises for the recent CS:GO cheating controversy.
  • The Brazilian pens down a long letter where he explains his actions and tries to educate his audience.
  • Richard Lewis dismisses Gaules' apology stating that he hasn't apologised for accusing the players of cheating.

Brazilian CS:GO personality Alexandre "Gaules" Borba who is also a former pro recently came forward and apologised to the entire Counter-Strike community for his actions. The 36-year-old Brazilian streamer uploaded a long letter on Twitter where he spoke at length about the recent incidents that led to him coming under fire.

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Gaules Issues An Apology

The immensely popular Brazilian personality Gaules acknowledged that being such an influential member within the community meant having responsibilities, as he went on to apologise by stating that “if my attitude generated a negative reaction that made someone upset, I come here to apologise.”

He went on to tell everyone that one should never behave with anyone in a way that they would themselves not like to receive. Gaules went on to speak on behalf of the whole Brazilian community saying that, they are sorry about their actions leading to their values being misrepresented and “opposite to what the tribe preaches.”

Gaules speaking about the Chaos Esports Club incident where the organization was hammered by cheating accusations, especially by him and FalleN said that his intention while broadcasting the stream was to analyse the match and though he reinforced several times during the stream that neither the teams nor its players should be called out, “Some people went to the players’ social media profiles and said things that (should) never be said.”

The Brazilian community’s reaction following the incident was insensitive as several players of Chaos Esports Club received death threats and one player, in particular, Nathan “leaf” Orf was mercilessly targeted. The 16-year-old was constantly abused and threatened to a point that he had to disable his Twitter account, forcefully maintaining a low profile.

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While concluding his apology Gaules said that they now know the right way to handle a situation and moving ahead the Brazilian community should never forget their values as “The tribe takes care of the tribe.”

The apology that has come after several journalists called Gaules out for his irresponsible actions did not only have a huge effect on an organization but on young players who were just starting out on their journey as well.

Gaules faces criticism for his apologyGaules faces criticism for his apologyRichard Lewis came forth to state that though Gaules’ apologised, nowhere did he take the responsibility for accusing the player (Leaf) of cheating repeatedly during the partnered broadcast, only criticising those who made the threats while not batting an eye towards his own actions that led them to do all this in the first place.


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