Launders Responds to Recent Sexual Assault Allegations Made by Melanie

Aditya Singh Rawat
26/Jun/2020 09:13 pm
  • Launders responds to the sexual assault allegations made against him by Melanie. 
  • He goes on to deny the allegations while adding context to Melanie's accusations with plenty of proof. 
  • Launders does take responsibility for his lack of judgement in instigating the relationship.

Canadian CS:GO commentator and former player Mohan “launders” Govindasamy has responded to the sexual assault allegations made against him by a Twitch streamer who goes by the name of Melanie (@passioniteTV).

Launders straight off the bat denies the allegations by stating that it is difficult for him to write this response because how can he “refute events that did not happen.” He goes on to say that he would rather provide more context to the allegations and in this manner try to reason as to why Melanie may have said all this.

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Launders Response To The Allegations

Talking about his relationship with Melanie from 2017 which lasted a few months, Launders claims that the relationship came to an end because he felt that it was becoming unhealthy.

Launders further claims that though it might initially look as if we ended on good terms, in the months that followed their breakup “Melanie began to claim that I did not care about her and threatened suicide, telling me that she had purchased a gun permit with the intention to kill herself.”

Melanie talking about purchasing a gun and killing herselfMelanie talking about purchasing a gun and killing herself

Launders Detailed Timeline

According to Launders, Melanie flew back from Los Angeles to North Carolina on 11th July 2017 (this has been verified by Melanie herself) and a few months later on 3rd October said that she would tell the police that he had sexually assaulted her if he called them to do a wellness check on her. Launders claims that this was the first time that he had ever heard of this from Melanie.

Talking about another such instance which took place on 20th August, Launders claims that he had actually already called the police in her state requesting a wellness check to make sure that she would not harm herself, but as he did not know her exact address he simply called the police nearest to where he thought she lived.

When Melanie threatened to commit suicide again Launder claims that his assumption was that the police had failed to perform the check and it is was at this point that he directly told her to seek professional help otherwise he would call the police, and that is when “she accused me of sexually assaulting her.”

Launders further claimed that “The allegations made by Melanie on 25th June 2020 follow a pattern of behaviour where she would threaten to hurt herself or threaten to falsely accuse me of sexual assault to stop me from calling the police”.

Melanie threatening Launders if he calls the PoliceMelanie threatening Launders if he calls the Police

The 29-year-old commentator goes on to say that he takes the issue of consent very seriously, something he did throughout his relationship with Melanie while claiming that every time they had sex he believed it to be consensual.

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Despite claiming that the sexual assault allegations against him were false Launders does take the responsibility for his lack of judgement in instigating the relationship saying that, 

“She was young and was dealing with mental health problems. I wanted to help her but it should also have been clear she wasn't ready for a relationship. She needed a friend who could help her get the medical assistance that she needed, not the additional stress of a partner.”

Launders concludes his statement by hoping to have clarified the whole situation as he continues to be in loyal support of all women who have come out to share their personal traumas with the world.


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