HenryG Responds to Recent Allegations Made by Ex-Girlfriend Kelly Jean

Aditya Singh Rawat
23/Jun/2020 11:00 pm
  • HenryG responds to the verbal, emotional, and mental harassment allegations made against him by Kelly Jean.
  • He goes on to make a few claims against Kelly as well.
  • Some CS:GO personalities come forth to offer support to HenryG's response.

British CS:GO talent Henry “HenryG” Greer who was recently called out by his ex-girlfriend and cosplayer Kelly Jean on the grounds of verbal, emotional, and mental harassment has responded to all the accusations made against him.

HenryG starts off by acknowledging that the nearly two-year-long relationship he had with Kelly was emotionally charged, toxic, and destructive. Following this, he brushes off Kelly’s claim of him sexually or physically abusing her by stating that “I have never sexually or physically abused Kelly or anyone else. I cannot speak for her, but I must be clear that her description of the events of New Year's Eve is simply not accurate or true.”

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HenryG Talks About New Year's Eve

Retelling the events that took place on New Year’s eve HenryG says that after having spent some part of the evening with separate social groups, Kelly came to meet him at his house and asked to smoke weed with him.

Though HenryG was reluctant initially they proceeded to smoke up after which Kelly initiated sex, but soon after she started feeling unwell and so they stopped. HenryG claims that the rest of the night was spent awake with her feeling unwell and him keeping an eye on her.

He goes on to explain the dynamics of his relationship with Kelly saying that “she never mentioned anything to me about this night and we continued our on-off relationship.” He soon realized that the relationship had no future due to their frequent arguments and so he ended things with Kelly.

It was after their separation that the ‘New Year’s Eve’ incident became the focal point for Kelly, claims HenryG. “Her complaints were that I didn’t take care of her, that I had been more interested in the prospect of sex than taking care of her while she was intoxicated, and that I was being selfish.”

But HenryG who has already denied these allegations above simply says that “I would never hurt her.” He says that upon being told all this, he apologized to Kelly on Discord which has been shared by her already but to reinforce his case HenryG goes on to share what he claims are WhatsApp messages from her.

WhatsApp messages from Kelly acknowledging that nothing bad happened with her
WhatsApp messages shared by HenryG allegedly showing Kelly acknowledging that nothing bad happened with her

HenryG claims that as he knew about Kelly having suffered something similar in the past “she may have experienced trauma in connection with the events of New Year's Eve,” but what took place between them was consensual and had stopped upon her request.

Kelly acknowledging that what took place between them was consensual
WhatsApp screenshots shared by HenryG

Further Claims By HenryG

HenryG further claims that despite him insisting that Kelly not visit his home, she would continue to do so. He goes on to specifically talk about an incident on 28th May 2020 when he claims that Kelly once again came to his house uninvited and attempted to force herself onto his property.

To defuse this situation with Kelly, he says that his current partner and himself had a group chat with Kelly. Following their “difficult but necessary conversation” HenryG felt as if everything had been resolved between the two and they could now move forward with their separate lives.

But he claims that despite reaching an agreement and ending contact with her, “Kelly has continued to persistently contact my partner, family, colleagues and (has been) creating multiple social media accounts to try and engage me in communication.”

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In the concluding statement, HenryG says that in the last two years he has lived under constant threat of Kelly putting up details of their relationship, whether true or not on Twitter, and though he stands in support of all women who have shared their experiences of sexual harassment, Out of both respect and privacy, he won't be commenting further on this matter.

Placing his trust in the community to recognize what the truth is, HenryG concludes his response to which many other CS:GO personalities have come forth and supported him wholeheartedly.

CS:GO personalities show support to HenryGCS:GO personalities show support to HenryG

But Kelly who has quickly reacted to his apology statement via a series of tweets says that “Bunch of it is disingenuous and ignores a lot so I will respond to his comments as well.”


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