CS:GO Rolls Out an Update to Fix Major Grenade Damage Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Jun/2020 09:06 am

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Earlier today Valve released a small update for CS:GO which was specifically aimed at solving the ‘Grenade Impact Damage Bug’ which had been introduced to the game after the previous update that was released on 28th May.

This weird bug which caused players to take heavy damage anywhere between 15-20 points of health along with 18-20 points of damage to the armour when they came in contact with a grenade thrown by the enemy, has now been patched by the developers.

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According to popular CS:GO Twitter personality ‘Haci’, the bug made a grenade bounce anywhere between 15-20 times within a second when it came in contact with a player model, dealing heavy damage to the players. This problem was most noticeable with a smoke grenade, as both HE and Incendiary grenades already inflict damage to a player.

Also, Haci wasn’t the only one who observed this bug as earlier a clip showcasing a player on Mirage take damage from a smoke grenade also went viral.

Valve has responded really quickly to this problem, patching out the bug within 3 days of the bug initially being reported. Although the bug did not have the potential to be game-breaking, it could have been severely irritating if the outcome of a game was impacted by it.

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