Boy Disguised as Girl Caught Playing in a Female CS:GO Online Tournament

Aditya Singh Rawat
20/May/2020 09:20 pm
  • A man dressed up and presented himself as a girl to compete in a female CS:GO tournament.

  • He was caught disguised as a girl on camera when he took off his sanitation mask.

  • The incident took place at Legion of Valkyries: CS:GO May 2020 tournament featuring a $1,000 prize pool.

In a bizarre turn of events, a male CS:GO player recently tried to pass off as a female player while participating in a women’s only CS:GO tournament. He was caught in the act red-handed on camera, during the Legion of Valkyries: CS:GO May 2020 tournament which was a female-only gaming event.

A Singapore based female CS:GO tournament featuring a $1000 prize pool which was being held online by Lenovo and Intel, caught a man who had disguised himself as a woman participating in the tournament.

Female CS:GO Online Tournament

The online event had a special rules section called ‘Video Call’ under which it was clearly stated that, “Players must use a Video Call (while playing), through either mobile phone or PC to verify that the player is the same person who registered in this tournament. If a team member fails to use a Video Call, the whole team will be disqualified.” And due to these set of rules, the perpetrator was caught red-handed on camera. 

The player could have very well passed off as a female player if he would have continued to keep the sanitation mask on his face, but the moment he removed the mask, the truth about his identity became public knowledge.

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The player probably belonged to a team called ‘HomeLes’ and the incident took place when they were up against a team called ‘Orgless’ in the round-of-sixteen. According to the tournament website, Orgless defeated HomeLes and proceeded further into the competition.

We reached out to the Lenovo Legion team for comments but they have not responded yet, neither have they made an official statement on the incident. Why would someone attempt to do such a thing despite the 'Video Call' rule is beyond me.

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