G2 Esports Seeks Advice from the CS:GO Community via Reddit on how not to Choke on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
20/May/2020 01:34 pm
  • G2 Esports seeks advice from the CS:GO community by posting a query on r/GlobalOffensive subreddit.

  • The post was made after G2 Esports lost to North yesterday on Dust 2.

  • The community responds to the query, some genuinely offering their help while a few other trolled them.

G2 Esports despite having a fantastic run at ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe where they finished as the runners-up of the tournament, was constantly seen struggling on Dust 2. Throughout the tournament, they played a total of 8 games on the map winning just 3 of them. 

This led to the community calling them out for their poor performance on the map and G2 embraced it with open arms, making a few memes on the topic themselves. But this trolling by the organization seems to have reached an all-time high, as they recently posted a query on Reddit titled ‘How do I stop choking?’ where they asked the community “for some advice” on how to improve their performance on Dust 2.

The post was made by the organization following their ‘2-1’ loss to North at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe, where G2 Esports despite a ‘7-1’ lead on the deciding map (Dust 2) lost ‘16-14’ to the Danish organization.

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The community ignored the team's degrading performance on the map and instead of hating on them, responded by providing actual help or trolled them with some hilarious replies to the post.

Counting this loss on the map, G2 Esports now hold a win rate of just 43.47% on the map since the start of 2020. But if this sample size is further reduced to replicate the current status of the team more accurately, like the last 3 months, then the win rate on the map further drops down to a poor 33.3%.

Whatever might be the case G2 Esports is doing quite well for themselves by finishing as the runners-up at both IEM Katowice 2020 and ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe.

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