CS:GO Pro Switches Over to VALORANT due to Multiple Bottom Place Finishes at the Pro League

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/May/2020 05:18 pm

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  • Dapr switches over to VALORANT after leaving CS:GO.

  • He decides to move over after getting tired of multiple bottom place finishes at ESL Pro League over the years.

  • His teammate ptr might also be looking to switch over to VALORANT.

Following the disbanding of North-American CS:GO team Bad News Bears, 21-year-old Michael “dapr” Gulino quickly switched over to VALORANT, announcing his decision to do so a day after the team disbanded as he was tired of “being in the bottom pro league loop.”

The American player did not see a future for himself to continue playing Counter-Strike, as he felt that his efforts were not bearing the expected results and that he was constantly going around in the same loop since the past couple of years.

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In fact, not just him, but his former teammate Peter “ptr” Gurney who in the past has played for some big esports organizations like Counter Logic Gaming, NRG Esports, Complexity Gaming, and Team Dignitas, might also be looking to shift his focus towards VALORANT. While the player has not made an official statement yet, he seems to be spending quite a lot of time playing it.

The other three players, Mitch “mitch” Semago, Jonathan “Jonji” Carey, and Will “dazzLe” Loafman, still seem to be invested in CS:GO. With Jonji already standing-in for Chaos EC and dazzLe announcing that he wishes to continue grinding in CS:GO.

In recent time, a lot of Counter-Strike players have announced their intention of switching over to VALORANT, with some even signing up with organizations as part of their VALORANT roster. With the most common reason being better earning through the tactical shooter, along with the lost motivation to continue their grind in CS:GO.

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While dapr clearly pointed out his reason for switching over to VALORANT being the latter of the two, not all the players are moving over to the new title in the scene. But still, the North American region seems to be observing the most number of alleged professional VALORANT players.


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