TV News Channel in India uses CS:GO Character While Giving an Update About the COVID-19 Situation

Aditya Singh Rawat
3/May/2020 07:10 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Anshul Jain

  • Indian news channel spotted using a CS:GO character in a news segment.

  • The character was a part of the news headline graphic which gave an update on the coronavirus situation within the country.

  • This is not the first time that a gaming reference has been used to spread awareness within the country.

Gaming as an activity has been trending a lot as of late because of the several lockdowns being imposed worldwide due to the currently on-going coronavirus pandemic, and it seems as if the Indian media is also getting inspired by it, as an Indian (Hindi) news channel ‘ABP News’ was recently spotted using the classic T-sided character model from the popular first-person shooter CS:GO.

CS:GO Character Spotted on Indian News Channel

While giving an update on the coronavirus situation within India, the T-sided character was spotted in the graphic used as the headline of the news. The news which went on to discuss the latest steps being implemented by the nation in order to cope with the pandemic was seen flaunting the character for the entire segment.

Last month, a local news channel from the state of Odisha in India had used CS:GO’s theme song in the background of a news clip, which showcased the state of the country at that point of time.

Not just the media channels, Gaming seems to be playing a huge part in the country's effort to spread awareness about the coronavirus, as just a few weeks back the Mumbai Police used a PUBG clip to advice those in quarantined zones to stay in their homes.

Gaming has come a long way, as multiple Indian organizations seem to be implementing aspects of it to spread awareness, especially to reach out to the younger generations.


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