The Mumbai Police Is #TakingOnCorona Using PUBG On Twitter

Nishant Patel
20/Apr/2020 05:58 am

Gaming and esports in India have truly taken off, thanks in large part to PUBG MOBILE.The game has truly gone mainstream, to the point where even the official Twitter handle of the Mumbai police can no longer ignore it! As India battles government imposed lockdown due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Mumbai Police has advised those in quarantined zones to stay at home, in a manner that PUBG players can relate to!

This is not the first time that the Mumbai Police has jumped aboard the PUBG hype train. In July 2018, they promoted rider safety through a Tweet featuring a PUBG character wearing a helmet with the message “If you wear one in the game, why not in real life?

In 2019, Indian esports prize money grew by 180% with 60% of this growth being attributed to PUBG MOBILE. Some of the world’s largest team organizations such as Fnatic and TSM have picked up Indian squads. Most recently, Fnatic announced that they were on the lookout for additional players to represent their brand as part of the RISE initiative.


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Nishant is a co-founder of AFK Gaming and is well versed with esports in Asia. He has an in-depth understanding of the Indian esports business ecosystem.