Valve Recommends Players a Temporary Fix to Reduce In-Game Stutter

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Mar/2020 06:40 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Patrick Mazzolo

The CS:GO community has been complaining of in-game stutters for quite some time now, and even after releasing two back-to-back updates the problem does not seem to be going away, following which CS:GO devs are now recommending users to “close all apps that use GPU accelerated rendering (while playing), like Google Chrome.”

They also stated that they are continuing to look into reports of in-game stutters which result in reduced game performance while also leading to unplayable conditions for several players at times. The updates released on 3rd and 4th March were not able to fix the issue which users guessed was related to the new character models.

The problem which started occurring since after the February 25th update, brought in a lot of UI changes to the ‘buy-menu’ apart from the introduction of other interesting things, but also seems to be the reason behind these FPS related problems.

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The community hopes that the CS:GO devs are able to rectify the problem at the earliest so that players do not have to resort to unreliable tactics such as the one recommended by them. A permanent solution is always better than finding a temporary fix, especially for a problem so severe.


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