Radar of Cache found out to be Non-Identical to the Actual Map

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Jan/2020 04:06 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Blog Counter-Strike

It seems as if the radar on Cache might be broken. A tweet by SCOPE.GG reveals that the radar of Cache is not identical to the actual map in two places. This is the first time that such a thing has been noticed on the recently reworked map and brought to everyone’s notice.

The two spots on the map which are identical are as follows,

  • On the B-site there is this supposed extra room represented on the radar, which has been shaded in such a way so as to represent a place which is lower or higher than the ground level. But in reality, there is nothing of that sort on the map, as the access to that room has not been provided and it is not possible for the players to enter it.

B-Site Radar Mistake | Image Credit: SCOPE.GG

B-Site Original | Image Credit: SCOPE.GG

  • In the reworked Cache, a major change that took place on the map was the extensive overhaul of the A-site. A part of this overhaul was the addition of the new box near the truck. This new box is wrongly represented on the map, as it sticks out on the radar when in reality it does not.

A-Site Radar Mistake | Image Credit: SCOPE.GG

A-Site Original | Image Credit: SCOPE.GG

In my experience, it surely does not have a major impact on the game, but as these mistakes have now come to light the developers will definitely take care of them.

Cache has seen a lot of revisions being made to the reworked model in order for the maps survival, as it was literally unplayable soon after the release of the new operator skins which camouflaged the players using them.

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