Two More Possible Future Weapon Skins Found Within Weekly Challenges List

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Nov/2019 01:59 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: u/joaokaka1998 | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Steam Community

It seems as though Valve has a bit too many easter eggs lying around the contents of Operation Shattered Web, waiting to be found by the CS:GO community. And the users have not disappointed at all, following the discovery of the rumoured “Pink DDPAT” or “Splash Jam” skin for a Glock-18 pistol, two more potential weapon skins seemed to have been found.

The possible Glock-18 weapon skin which was found on the week seven challenges list within the battle pass was the key behind the discovery of the other two skins as well. Taking a closer look at all the other challenges in the list, a possible “Urban DDPAT” for “XM1014” was found on the week six challenges list along with a “Night Ops” or a "Mettalic DDPAT" for a “USP-S” on the ninth week challenges list.



While these weapon skins are still a rumour, can it actually be a coincidence that these many skins were actually texture errors? The community is pretty confident that these discovered weapon skins will be releasing soon as part of the “New Cache Collection”. What do you guys have to say about this?


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