User Finds Possible Upcoming Glock-18 Skin Within Shattered Web Battle Pass

Aditya Singh Rawat
20/Nov/2019 03:53 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: u/joaokaka1998  | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/joaokaka1998

It has been just over a day since the release of Operation Shattered Web and though the community discussion has mainly started to boil down to memes, with a flurry of discussion related to the new agents and operators every now and then, users are still on the hunt for something more. This has led to the discovery of a possible upcoming pistol skin by u/Its_Kraus, a suspicion being further bolstered by other members of the community.

According to the user, the pistol on the side of the T-sided character seems to be a Glock-18 with the skin rumoured to be a ‘Pink DDPAT’, which most members of the community seem to agree with. But there are a few who are still in doubt as they claim the skin to be ‘Splash Jam’.

While the community argues over what skin the Glock might be textured with, users can go and check the image of the gun themselves which appears to be on the week seven challenges list within the Shattered Web’s battle pass.

u/joaokaka1998 | Reddit

Few users suggested that it might just have been a texture error from Valve’s side but the others believe that the skin is part of an upcoming weapons collection. Well, only time will tell if it was an easter egg by Valve caught all too well by the community or just a made-up assumption.


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