TYLOO Defeats MIBR to Qualify for the Semifinals of CS:GO Asia Championships 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Nov/2019 08:56 am

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TYLOO seems to be on a roll, the hometown favourites for CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 taking place in Shanghai have gone on to defeat MIBR following up on their victory against G2 Esports yesterday.

The face of Asian counter-strike, TYLOO, have proved their worth after being doubted for a good part of 2019. The team who was expected to do well at the recently concluded IEM Beijing 2019 could not do any damage at all in that event but has since recovered well, going on to stand victorious at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2019 and following it up by leading their group at CAC 2019.

With this victory, TYLOO has not only made it into the playoffs but have gone on to directly qualify for the semifinal match-up.

TYLOO - 16
MIBR - 12
TYLOO - 16
MIBR - 12

The two teams started their bout on TYLOO’s map pick Mirage, unlike yesterday where the Chinese team hit G2 with a curveball picking Vertigo, they went for a more comfortable map pick. This can also be due to the fact that MIBR themselves picked Vertigo yesterday against EG.

The map worked well for the Chinese side as they went on to finish the first half with a score of ‘11-4’ playing T-sided. The second half was not exactly smooth for them but they managed to pick a few rounds every now and then to sail the ship home.

MIBR under some pressure moved on to challenge TYLOO on their map pick Train. The Brazilians were able to gain momentum which helped them seize a lead, despite playing T-sided, but TYLOO put their best foot forward as they wrapped up the game with a phenomenal T-side performance, ensuring a comeback in a heavily CT-sided map.

With this TYLOO have booked themselves a slot directly into the semifinals. As everyone celebrates this stunning performance by the Chinese powerhouse. The team has been really outdoing itself since picking up LiKan “KingZ” Luo as their trail coach, they have given some strong performance as they are currently going on a seven-match win streak.

Let’s see if TYLOO has it in them to drive it all the way to the finish line.


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