100Thieves, Vitality and FaZe Qualify for the Playoffs of IEM Beijing 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
8/Nov/2019 01:41 pm

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Following TYLOO’s elimination, the second day of IEM Beijing 2019 came to an end with Vitality, 100Thieves, and FaZe Clan qualifying into the Playoffs. It was a long day bearing witness to multiple eliminations along with many of the teams making it through to the Playoffs.

Finnished Out

ENCE going up against 100Thieves in a revenge match-up were once again outplayed as the Australian squad took them down in back-to-back games, making their way into the playoffs as the Finns reached an end to their journey in Beijing.

It was Liazz stepping up for the Aussies big-time registering 42 kills to his name along with an overall rating of 1.44. While ENCE could not make it through to the playoffs, the fact that they got restricted to a total of 16 rounds across the two maps was utterly disappointing.

Vitality Goes Past FaZe

The French squad had a great time against FaZe, who after facing a defeat on their own map pick was able to steal a victory on VItality’s map. The decider had everyone excited for a close match between the two teams but instead, it turned into a single-sided affair as Vitality giving away just three rounds was able to qualify for the Playoffs.

Leading the pack was ZywOo for the French side, with 56 kills to his name along with a rating of 1.30, even RpK did well with a rating of 1.16, helping Vitality on its way into the semifinals.

UnFaZed Into The Playoffs

The two teams engaged in the most intense best-of-three match of the group stage, with the teams securing victory on their own map pick, and then kicking it off on the decider on Dust 2 which also went the whole stretch involving an overtime thriller.

FaZe did manage to make it into the Playoffs but it certainly didn’t come easy. NiKo once again led the pack with 77 frags to his name and an overall rating of 1.27, but coldzera took a back seat as olofmeister went past him to register a solid 1.21, as they take the last remaining slot, facing off against Astralis in the first semifinal tomorrow.

With this, the group stage of IEM Beijing 2019 comes to an end as the semifinal match-ups are all set to take place tomorrow with Astralis taking on FaZe and 100Thieves go up against Vitality. Let’s see which two teams make it into the finale.


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