Famous YouTuber Simon Wilson gatecrashed BLAST Pro Moscow

Aditya Singh Rawat
4/Oct/2019 01:28 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: Simon Wilson | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Simon Wilson

A famous YouTuber, Simon Wilson, who is basically a travel vlogger known for these ridiculous challenges he takes up, where he visits a city and stays there without spending any money, other than his travel to-and-from the destination while touring Moscow, gatecrashed the BLAST Pro Series tournament taking place in the city.

In one of his recent vlogs, Simon was visiting the city of Moscow, Russia. Coincidentally at the same time, the BLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019 was also taking place in the city at the VTB Arena, and Simon got to know about the event while in a bar. With no knowledge about the game other than it being an esports event, the YouTuber decided to make his way to the arena and attend the event without purchasing a ticket.

Simon slipped his way inside the metro and took a 30 mins ride to the venue after which he told the guard outside that he was ‘working at the event’. Without a care in the world, the guard let him in. The YouTuber smooth-talked his way through the security check and made it inside the stadium.

His next objective was to get free drinks and snacks, which he fulfilled by gaining access to the ‘Press Room’. On the way, he did get called out by security personnel for not wearing the required entry band on his wrist, but he talked his way out of it and made it to the press room. He had his fill of snacks and coffee, after which he took a front-row seat and watched the match for sometime before making his way out of the stadium.

Though the vlog is thoroughly entertaining and fun, it also sheds light on possible security loopholes at the venue. A total stranger without a ticket or any kind of document that validated that he worked with the organizers or was involved with the media made his way not only into the stadium but also backstage.

The BLAST event was huge as it was the last time that Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko would play with Na’Vi, a team that he had been a part of for more than ten years. And also because three teams from the CIS region were participating in the event, namely Na’Vi, ForZe, and AVANGAR.

The tournament witnessed both the underdog teams, who made their way into the tournament via the CIS qualifier go against each other in the finale, with AVANGAR coming through as the winners of the tournament.


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