Evil Geniuses acquire the CS:GO line-up of NRG eSports

26/Sep/2019 03:18 pm
  • Evil Geniuses acquires the CSGO roster of NRG eSports

  • NRG eSports finished in 3rd-4th place at the Starladder Major

  • EG now have a line-up which is among the top 5 in the world. 

The North-American multi-gaming organisation which hosts rosters for various titles has now forayed into CS:GO as well. Evil Geniuses has acquired the roster of NRG eSports, just in time to participate in ESL One New York.

After having a roster shuffle which included Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz replacing Damian “daps” Steele as the in-game leader of the team, NRG eSports looked like a well-rounded team and this was reflected with their success in the recently concluded Starladder Berlin Major, where they finished 3rd-4th. This was their best performance at a major so far. 

Evil Geniuses have gotten right back in the heart of the Counter-Strike scene with the acquisition of a Global Top #5 team. In the past, EG had CS 1.6 rosters which consisted of legends like Danny "fRoD" Montaner, Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, and Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert

However, the organisation has not had a CS roster since then.

"CS is one of the spaces our fans have asked us to re-enter the most, and we’re happy to bring a touch of Evil back to the scene and its supporters — our roster is extremely enthusiastic to hit the ground running and uphold the EG brand, and we’re going to be putting our best foot forward this weekend. Said Evil Geniuses CEO, Nicole Lapointe Jameson, in a statement on their website". Said Evil Geniuses CEO, Nicole Lapointe Jameson, in a statement on their website 

The line-up is:

  • Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz
  • Tarik "tarik" Celik
  • Vincent "Brehze" Cayont
  • Ethan "Ethan" Arnold
  • Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov 

Evil Geniuses will play their first match under the new banner at ESL One New York in a few hours, where they will go up against FaZe Clan, who recently signed Coldzera. 




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