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Fnatic Enters Valorant, Will Reveal Roster on Feb 3rd

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  • Fnatic is set to reveal their Valorant roster tonight with SUMN FC being the most likely roster to be signed.
  • Other rosters fans are speculating include Ex-Prodigy and Purple Cobras, who have put on stellar performances in Europe.
  • Fnatic joins the likes of Alliance and Evil Geniuses, who have also signed rosters to enter the Valorant Champions Tour.

Fnatic is making its way into the Valorant scene. A string of social media posts indicating the organization's entry has been making the rounds on Social Media. The organization announced that they would be making an entry into Valorant, and we can expect one of the existing rosters to be picked up from Europe and become a part of Fnatic. Fnatic's official Valorant roster will be announced later tonight, but fans are already speculating which players will join the organization. SUMN FC is what European fans are hoping for as the org-less team has managed to reach First Strike Europe's finals last year and took home 3rd/4th place at the recently concluded Red Bull Home Ground. 

Who Is Joining Fnatic’s Valorant Roster? 

There is no official word on who Fnatic is looking to pick up for their roster, but multiple teams are currently without an organization. The organization might have already selected its own custom roster. Alliance had a similar approach recently where they chose to scout their players instead of picking up a pre-made roster. Fnatic will make their official announcement later tonight. 

All bets are currently on SUMN FC, Ex-Prodigy, and Purple Cobras. There are just two days to go for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifier, and it has to be one of the teams that are already registered for the event. Evil Geniuses used a similar approach when they fielded their roster to hype up the roster reveal. The recently-announced team used the name Diabolical Masterminds to keep things under wraps, and we can expect something similar from Fnatic. 

Which Other Organizations Are Expanding Into Valorant?

Evil Geniuses, Alliance and Fnatic, are just some of the big organizations making their way into Valorant esports. OG is reportedly fielding its Valorant roster under their old name Monkey Business as well. The two-time International winners have hinted on social media about their entry into Valorant, but we are yet to get an official roster reveal.

Valorant Champions Tour has garnered a lot of attention with the year-long event, encouraging organizations to compete against the world's best teams. There will be regional qualifiers that will lead up to the global finals at a LAN event towards the end of this year. Fnatic is among the many organizations looking to expand its reach in esports through Valorant in 2021. We will update you with Fnatic’s official roster whenever the team makes an announcement. 

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