The Story of Team Secret: The Unfaltering Filipino Wild Rift Lineup

John Dave Rossel
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Story of Team Secret Wild Rift: The Unfaltering Bond of Players</p></div>

Amidst the pandemic, the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports scene continues to thrive with the top teams from all over the world racing to clutch a ticket to the prestigious Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021. One such team is Team Secret, a team from the Philippines whose players have never even met each other in real life but have created an impenetrable bond allowing them to join the ranks of the best Wild Rift teams in the world.

Team Secret’s journey to the Wild Rift esports scene was filled with ups and downs. Last season, it only secured a 5th - 8th place finish in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup. However, the team earned another chance at redemption in the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021 by finishing 1st runner-up.

Team Secret’s Wild Rift roster is composed of Eleazar "Azar" Salle, Robert "Trebor" Mansilungan, Morris "Core" Raymundo, Heri "Tatsurii" Garcia, Caster "Chewy" Dela Cruz, James "Hamezz" Santos. Since its formation in February 2021, there have been no roster changes at all, allowing the members to form team chemistry that remains strong and unwavering.

The reason behind their impressive team chemistry (despite being so far apart) remains true to Team Secret’s name. The team’s boldness to execute unorthodox and experimental team compositions during esports tournaments mysteriously works in its favor. Despite the team finishing as the 1st runner-up in the Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021, fans are eagerly waiting for what surprises the team will unveil in future WR esports tournaments. Will the team’s long-distance communication be a hurdle to their journey to the championship title? Or will their bond as a team prevail against all odds?

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