TenZ vs nAts: Valorant Esports' First Great Rivalry?

Abhimannu Das
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TenZ and nAts

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The dust has settled after the conclusion of Valorant’s first year of esports, and several players have established claim to being the best in the world. At the start of 2021, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo had the most remarkable start to his run with Sentinels. The former Cloud9 player had stepped down from competitive play to focus on content creation and within a matter of weeks he became the talk of the town. Sentinels was unstoppable during Stage One and Two and the team secured back-to-back Masters wins. TenZ’s dueling capabilities are among the best in the world; he is no stranger to high-pressure situations.

While everyone had nothing but praise for TenZ with North America dominating most of 2021, Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin quickly climbed the ranks and caught the attention of analysts and fans alike. While TenZ is aggressive and methodical, nAts relies on knowledge and craftiness. After all, he is known for Viper and Cypher, two agents that demand game sense and map awareness. When it comes to mechanical skill, TenZ and nAts may be evenly matched but their playstyles are completely different. TenZ is a swift executioner while nAts loves to control the playing field before striking.

But which of these two players has more claim to the title of “best player in the world” and what would it take for either of these two players to cement their spot as Valorant’s number one?

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