Saumraj’s BGMI Journey Through 2021: Winning BGIS, Competing in PMGC, Goals for 2022

A capable IGL who led his team to become the first ever BGMI champions!

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Saumraj's BGMI Journey Through 2021

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AFK Gaming

Skylightz Gaming proved themselves to be the best Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team in the country following their victory at the inaugural Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) tournament. Their captain Saumya "Saumraj" Raj did not just guide and lead his team in the server but went above and beyond to frag at par with his teammates, ensuring that they stayed in the competition till the very last match of the tournament.

Saumraj’s efforts resulted in his team becoming the 2021 champions while he also won individual accolades like ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘The Rampage Freaks’ at BGIS. A stellar performance was put forth, highlighting the importance of a world-class IGL (In-Game Leader), one of the most necessary ingredients for a BGMI team to ensure its success in the long run.

AFK Gaming recently caught up with the star IGL, Saumraj, to discuss his experience playing with GodLike Esports at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021, the journey through BGIS 2021 as they won the flagship tournament by a difference of just three points, goals for the 2022 competitive season, along with a few other things.

Journey with Skylightz Gaming through BGIS 2021

Skylightz Gaming was one of the earliest teams to step into competitive BGMI. The roster was announced in July 2021 with Saumraj as a part of the initial lineup. He had joined the team along with his teammates from FutureStation Esports - Pukar "Pukar" Singla and Tushar "GamlaBoy" Das, which made for a comfortable transition for the trio.

Saumraj did a good job of integrating Harpreet Singh "RonaK" Janjuha into the lineup, but it still took some time for the squad to achieve their first podium finish, as they placed third at both The Esports Club - BGMI Invitational Season 1 and the iQOO All Stars Cup.

From here on, Skylightz Gaming went on to become one of the top competitors within the country but despite multiple podium appearances they never won any tournaments, up until the premier BGMI event - BGIS 2021.

Talking about the team’s journey through this tournament, Saumraj as the captain for the side highlighted their final day's effort, when Skylightz scored 72 crucial points in six matches to win by a margin of just 3 points.

“We were prepared for the final day of the tournament because we knew all the other teams choke a lot on the last day and that they are not capable of handling the pressure that comes along,” explained Saumraj, further pointing out they were able to manage this pressure very well, which turned out to be an advantage for them.

Saumraj showcased what an excellent captain he is during this tournament, maneuvering and managing his squad to perfection which helped the team secure a total of three Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD).

I had already read up on the rotations of each and every team, which helped me make sound decisions about how and what we can do to pick up most points in a particular match, minimizing the risk factor and any sort of over-commitment.
Saumya "Saumraj" Raj - Interview with AFK Gaming

He believes that this type of decision-making during the match was crucial for them, especially on the last day, when the level of competition between the top four BGMI teams - Skylightz, TSM, Team XO, and GodLike Esports was going neck-to-neck.

Saumraj on how they took the lead on the last day of BGIS 2021

AFK Gaming

Overall, Saumraj personally feels that their performance at BGIS 2021 was definitely an improvement considering that in the last few official events they had barely made it into the top five. This time as they were the ones lifting the trophy, he is certain that the team as a whole did level up.

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