Should PH MLBB Teams Import Foreign Players?

John Dave Rossel
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Should Filipino Mobile Legends teams import foreign players for MPL PH?</p></div>

Should Filipino Mobile Legends teams import foreign players for MPL PH?

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The Mobile Legends esports scene in the Philippines is currently at its peak, with the amount of talented Filipino esports pros stealing the show at international and regional championships. It would be an understatement to say that the Philippines is currently ahead in the meta when it comes to Mobile Legends esports.

During the M2 World Championship, the world witnessed how Bren Esports dominated against the top players of each region. The MSC 2021 grand finals was simply a rematch of the MPL PH Season 7 where two PH teams, Blacklist International and Execration, stood above all and faced each other. The latter earned its sweet revenge and claimed the championship title. With how strong the teams in PH currently are, it will be interesting to see how far the meta evolves if combined with other talented players from other regions.

Philippine esports organization, Nexplay Esports, recently partnered with the Indonesian esports organization, EVOS Esports. Maxhill “Antimage” Leonardo, one of Indonesia’s best offlaners under the EVOS Legends team, expressed his desire to join the MPL PH Season 8 as an import for the newly established Nexplay EVOS. Antimage is currently one of Indonesia’s best MLBB esports pros, bagging championship titles in the MPL ID Season 3 and the MSC 2019. The player import is not officially confirmed. However, his addition to EVOS Nexplay will likely prove beneficial to both the team and himself as he will experience firsthand the meta in the PH MLBB esports scene.

EVOS Legends' Antimage

What is an Import in Esports?

An import in esports is someone who plays or coaches for a team outside of their country of origin. The reasons for teams choosing to import players are various. Some organizations use them to bolster their team’s competitive performance. Meanwhile, other organizations send or accept imports with the intent of developing or improving their talents, whether it be a veteran or a rookie player. Another reason for player imports may also be for financial reasons. Importing players may include a transfer or loan fee which is paid to the exporting team.

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