Why is Fan Support Critical to an Esports Team's Success

Cormac Wyatt (ImPERium)
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Why fan support is critical to an esports team's success</p></div>

Why fan support is critical to an esports team's success

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It seems like an obvious point to make right? We have all witnessed it over the years with traditional sports, the lifeblood of a team is the fan support. It not only lifts the team up when they are performing badly, but also helps them to celebrate after a tournament win. Much of this transfers to esports, but I don’t think fans realize how important of a role they play in a team's success!

In the world of esports, fan support is much more accessible due to the strength of online connections, be it through a livestream chat, Instagram interactions, Facebook groups or any other medium. This allows teams and fans to build a strong personal bond. But before getting into why fan support is so critical, ask yourself “what is the definition of success?”.

Defining success in esports

I know, getting real deep, real early in this article. But it's an important question that needs to be asked. Success comes in many forms and what might be perceived as success for one person, can be perceived as a lack of it for others. To me, success in esports is made up of all or partly the following:

  • Achieving your own goals

  • Working hard to make yourself proud

  • Helping to make a difference outside of the game, within the community

  • Adding to your own happiness

All of that is easier said than done, which is why I list multiple options.

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