Cybersecurity in Online Gaming: Why You Are Not as Safe As You Think

Abhimannu Das
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Cybersecurity in Online Gaming

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AFK Gaming

Gaming was originally disconnected from data and it was something that was a purely single-player experience. But with the advent of esports titles that connect millions of players, developers can now collect substantial amounts of data through in-game behavior or external sources like surveys and feedback in forums. Just like social media platforms and online services, games are no exceptions to data leaks.

If you slap on factors like anti-cheats that have kernel access, China’s facial recognition and social credit systems, and games like Valorant recording your voice data “to curb toxicity”, online privacy in gaming can be a scary topic. AFK Gaming talked to a data analyst, on the condition of anonymity, who offered their insights based on their experience working in the industry and how gamers can secure themselves online.

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