Bleed Esports is Ready to Conquer Valorant Esports in APAC

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Bleed Esports

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Valorant Champions Tour’s (VCT) 2022 season has stepped up the competition with new teams making their voices heard. OpTic Gaming, XERXIA, and The Guard are just some of the teams that have impressed fans and are looking to displace established teams. Among the new wave of teams is Bleed Esports, a Singapore-based organization featuring talent from Singapore and Europe.

Within just four months of being founded, the team gave some of the biggest names in the competition a run for their money and it is looking to become one of the best teams in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. AFK Gaming had the opportunity to have a chat with the roster along with the team’s head coach and assistant coach, who discussed how the team is looking to adapt and overcome all obstacles.

How Bleed Esports has become a melting pot of global talent

Bleed Esports is one of the few teams in the world that has a mix of players from the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. The team features:

  • Lionel “lenne” Lim - Singapore

  • Derrick “Deryeon” Yee - Singapore

  • Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi - Sweden

  • Max “maxie” Lönström - Sweden (in-game leader)

  • Xavier "Lexy" Lee - Singapore

  • Nikola Ninić - Germany (head coach)

  • Aaron “eno” Cheah - Singapore (assistant coach)

With players and coaches from different regions, Bleed Esports players had to learn and adapt to each others’ playstyles. Coach Ninić said, “The biggest surprise I had when I started coaching the team was how there is a lack of a ‘practice mentality’. It’s not that players from the Asia-Pacific region are not hard-working, but the little hours they put into practice were surprising. We had to step up our game immediately and work harder”

Hard work is something Bleed Esports strives to live by. Ninić knows how tough the competition is in Europe and for APAC to rise up to the same level, it will require players to push beyond their limits to match up against the world’s best.

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