Who is the Strongest Marksman in ML: Our Top 5 Ranked

Who is the Strongest Marksman in ML: Our Top 5 Ranked

John Dave Rossel
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  • Every marksman hero in Mobile Legends has their own unique mechanics that set them apart from each other.
  • Yi Sun-Shin has proven himself to be the strongest marksman in the current meta of Mobile Legends.
  • Here are 5 heroes who are the strongest in the current meta.

The marksman role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular and arguably the hardest role in the game. As a marksman, you’d have to rely on your teammates to protect you most of the time, and in return, your team expects you to carry them in the late game. There are many marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, but only a few can be considered the strongest in the meta due to how overwhelming their presence is in the game. With that said, here are the five strongest marksmen in ML in the current meta.

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Who is the strongest marksman in ML?

A hero is as strong as its player. Depending on your playstyle, a marksman hero can either dominate or lose the game. It is essential to know your playstyle so you can use the right marksman hero in your matches. 

Here are the five strongest marksman heroes in MLBB;

5. Brody

Brody is a powerful marksman but requires hours of practice.

Brody has appeared a lot in various MLBB esports scenes. His slow basic attacks are his downside, but he deals double damage in a single auto-attack compared to other marksmen as compensation. If your playstyle is landing precise skills and auto attacks, then Brody is the perfect hero for you.

4. Bruno

Bruno is a newbie friendly hero and is quite powerful.

Bruno is one of the easiest marksman heroes in MLBB. He has a decent attack range and poke potential, allowing you to keep bullying the enemy at a safe distance. His ultimate can stun and reduce the armor of enemies hit, which can benefit you and your team. If your playstyle revolves around keeping your distance and playing safe, you should pick Bruno. 

3. Wanwan

Wanwan has very high mobility and kiting potential as a marksman.

This hero is for players who prefer moving around a lot. Wanwan has so much mobility compared to other marksmen heroes as she can leap from a short distance for every skill or basic attack she makes. Not only that, but her attacks also deal extra true damage based on the enemy’s max HP, allowing her to take down tanks easily. Her insane mobility and kiting potential have put her as one of the strongest heroes in the current meta. 

2. Claude

Claude is a high-risk but high-reward hero.

Arguably one of the most popular marksman heroes in MLBB. His playstyle revolves around maximizing his first skill “Art of Thievery.” The skill allows him to gain a stack when it hits an enemy. For every stack, he gains movement and attack speed stacking up to 10 times. Players often rush the item Demon Hunter Sword as this allows him to deal more damage based on his target’s max HP, similar to Wanwan. However, if you fail to build this item in time, Claude becomes so underwhelming. If you want a high-risk but high-reward marksman, then Claude is the one for you.

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1. Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin is a very flexible marksman that can switch between melee and range attacks.

What sets him apart from other marksmen heroes in ML is that he can switch between melee and ranged attacks, depending on how close he is to his target. Your ally base will transform into a Naval Fleet and will spawn turtle ships that Yi Sun-Shin can ride to gain movement speed and stun enemies hit by it. His ultimate can also reveal invisible units and slow them down while dealing with massive damage. If you prefer a flexible marksman hero, then Yi Sun-Shin is the right hero for you. 

Every marksman hero in Mobile Legends has their own unique mechanics that set them apart from each other. It all boils down to what your playstyle is and which hero you are comfortable using. 

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