Mobile Legends Cakes: 5 Awesome ML Cakes That PH Bakers Make



Mobile Legends Cakes: 5 Awesome ML Cakes That PH Bakers Make

John Dave Rossel
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  • Mobile Legends has definitely influenced a lot of people in the Philippines, including the baking industry.
  • Here is out list of the most creative Mobile Legends cakes that PH bakers made.

There’s no doubt that Moonton’s hit mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has definitely influenced a lot of people in the Philippines, including the baking industry. From time to time we might stumble upon impressive Mobile Legends-themed cakes posted around social media by talented bakers around the Philippines. Most of these creative Mobile Legends cakes are eye candy and pretty delicious to look at. If you’re hoping to find talented individuals or just looking for ideas on how you can design your own Mobile Legends cake, then you came to the right place. Here is a list of awesome ML cakes that PH Bakers made. 

Basic Mobile Legends Cake by Chochon Cakes

This 12-inch Mobile Legends cake is perfect for people who are less experienced in designing cakes. It’s very simple and does not require too much effort compared to the other cakes on the list. The video even has a step-by-step tutorial for everyone to follow.

If you’re looking to wish an ML player a happy birthday or congratulate them on reaching Mythical Glory, then this cake is perfect and will surely impress them. 

Mobile Legends Money Cake by Annlou's Cakes

Money cakes are cakes that contain paper bills inside them. It has been a trend nowadays that birthday cakes are getting stuffed with paper bills as a surprise. It’s a unique and creative approach to celebrating an occasion with a cake. 

Aldous Cake by Irene Singson Matias

If you’re a fan of the fighter hero Aldous from MLBB, then you’re going to love this ML cake design. The top of the cake is designed to be Aldous’ head. Although the landscape design is too minimal, we can definitely say that the Aldouss head is very detailed. 

The Aldous head is really accurate.

You can check Irene Singson Matias’ blog site to see more of her amazing creations. 

ML Cupcakes by Deedah's Sweets & Everything 

These cute miniature cakes feature various designs themed around Mobile Legends. The small Cyclops and Akai design are enough to your heart melt with its cute design. With cupcakes, you can make one for each hero and allow your guests to pick one based on their favorite ML hero.

The person behind these wonderful Mobile Legends cupcakes, Deedah's Sweets & Everything, offers custom designs so you can have your favorite MLBB heroes as designs for the cupcakes.

Whipped Cream Frosting Mobile Legends Cake by Kish Cakes

This one is relatively simple, with a tutorial for you to follow. The video tells you how to design the cake using whipped cream frosting and make it similar to Mobile Legend’s riverside of the map. The tutorial is complete with recipes and how to make the cake from scratch. 

Kish Cakes also make various cake designs for different occasions. You can check her YouTube channel for more cake designs.

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