7 Players to Keep an Eye on at MPL PH Season 7

7 Players to Keep an Eye on at MPL PH Season 7

John Dave Rossel
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  • The MPL PH Season 7 is all set for the grand kick-off on march 19, 2021.

  • There are exceptional individuals that are quite intriguing and are worth following throughout the tournament.

  • Here are 7 players to keep an eye on at the MPL PH Season 7.

The MPL PH Season 7 is all set for the grand kick-off. Participating teams are gearing up for one of the biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League in the Philippines, starting on March 19, 2021. Fans are eager to witness their favorite teams dominate the match. However, some exceptional individuals are quite intriguing and are worth following throughout the tournament. These individuals may be rookies looking to prove themselves or veterans who are yet to obtain their own MPL PH Season 7 Championship. Here, we take a look at 7 Players to Keep an Eye on at MPL PH Season 7. 

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Oheb - Blacklist International

The rookie of the Blacklist International has proven from time to time that he can definitely perform on the big stage. The team recently defeated Nexplay Solid during the Juicy Legends 2021 Pro Division playoffs, with Oheb acting as their star player during the match. 

Oheb is the prodigy of Blacklist International.

Surrounded by pro players OhmyV33nus and Wise, we can expect to see some amazing improvements from the prodigy in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7.

Kelra - Execration

Like Oheb, Kelra is one of the prodigies looking to prove himself in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7. Despite his lack of experience, he is exceptionally skilled in his role in the gold lane. He proved this during the Juicy Legends 2021, where he made a big impact on Execration’s performance during the tournament. 

Despite being a rookie, Kelra has shown impressive skills in playing Mobile Legends.

Execration is yet to win a trophy in the MPL PH series. However, the team, along with Kelra might have the best chance of winning in the tournament. 

Jeymz - Nexplay Esports

Jeymz is a former member of the sister team NXP Salty and has been promoted to join the NXP Solid lineup. Jeymz is considered one of the best members of NXP due to his wide hero pool. Name a hero in Mobile Legends, and Jeymz can definitely play it well. 

Jeymz is a flexible esports pro and is a great asset to Nexplay Esports.

With a very flexible player like Jeymz, will Nexplay Esports be able to dominate the MPL PH Season 7? We’ll find out soon enough. 

Chuuu - Work Auster Force

This is Work Auster Force’s first time to qualify in the MPL PH series. Despite them lacking the esports experience, they manage to sweep the qualifiers clean with no losses. This is partially thanks to Chuuu’s exceptional skills. For most of the matches on the qualifiers, the team relied on Chuuu to look for potential takedowns and secure objectives. 

Chuuu's performance in the MPL PH qualifiers quite promising.

You can say that Chuu for Work Auster Force is similar to KarlTzy for Bren Esports. It would be interesting how well he can perform against the biggest names in the Mobile Legends Esports scene in the Philippines. 

Janus - Cignal Ultra

Janus is one of the fresh names in the Mobile Legends esports scene in the Philippines. He debuted last year in the MLBB The Nationals tournament, where he flexed his exceptional Ling and Lancelot gameplay. He has proven himself to be able to compete with the big league despite being a rookie. 

He may be a rookie, but he has proven that he's strong enough to go against the big teams.

While he is still yet to be considered a superstar, we can already see him shining as one of Cignal Ultra’s core members.

Ribo - Bren Esports

Many would say that KarlTzy is the one carrying Bren Esports to victory. However, we can’t deny that Ribo is one of the most flexible Mobile Legends Esports pros in the Philippines. He has played all five roles in the game during his career. Not to mention he is currently the winningest (player with the most titles won in his/her career) ML esports pro in the world.

Ribo received the title of being the winningest player in Mobile Legends.

Will Bren Esport give Ribo another opportunity to claim another title this coming MPL PH Season 7? We’ll find out soon enough.

Z4pnu - Execration

Z4pnu is one of the veteran esports pros in the Filipino Mobile Legends esports scene. However, despite his exceptional experience in the field, he has yet to taste victory in the MPL PH series. Fans have started joking about when will Z4pnu be able to secure his very first championship title. 

MPL PH Season 7 might be the season where Z4pnu grabs his first MPL PH title.

MPL PH Season 7 presents another season and another chance for Execration to pull off a win and finally end Z4pnu’s thirst for the MPL PH title. Will they pull it off or will Zapnu have to wait for another year to try again?

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One of the biggest esports events in the Philippines, MPL PH Season 7 sees eight of the best Mobile Legends esports teams from the Philippines along with two rising teams from the qualifiers to compete for the title of MPL PH Season 7 Champion and the lion’s share of the $120,000 Prize Pool. 

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