Top Five Wild Rift Champions That Can 1v5

Top Five Wild Rift Champions That Can 1v5

John Dave Rossel
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  • Most of the matches are filled with people who find it hard to cooperate with their team. Lucky, there are champions that can solo carry in a match.
  • Here are the top 5 champions that can fly solo and can 1v5 the enemy team.
  • Note: This list is subjective.

Playing Wild Rift alone can be frustrating at times. Most players, especially in lower ranks, find it hard to cooperate with their teammates. Luckily, some champions excel in flying solo and could potentially carry the game as long as your team doesn’t feed the enemy team. Here are five champions that can potentially 1v5 the enemy team.

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5. Yasuo

Credits: Riot Games

Yasuo is one of those champions who has a lot of mobility. He can dash through enemies, including minion waves allowing him to reposition himself any time he wants. His passive doubles his current critical strike chance allowing you to have a 100% critical strike chance reasonably fast compared to other champions. He can also cancel most skill shots with his Wind Wall skill. His ultimate, “Last Breath,” allows him to deal damage to all enemies who are knocked airborne. The downside is that his mobility decreases without any minion waves and he can only dash through a minion once for a few seconds, so if you run out of minions to dash to, you’re as good as dead. 

4. Jax

Credits: Riot Games

This champion is one of the most versatile champions in Wild Rift. But if you plan on going 1v5, AP build is what you would want to go for. His insane basic attack damage is just so good when you build Lich Bane as an item. He is also quite mobile as he can jump from minions or other champions. He can also prevent damage for a short while with his third skill, “Counter Strike.” After the duration ends, all enemies around him are stunned, allowing him to punish everyone and win the fight all by himself.

3. Nasus

Credits: Riot Games

If you prefer being tanky but deal an insane amount of damage at the same time, go for Nasus. His first skill, “Siphoning Stike” increases in power the more enemies or minions you kill with it. You can build him as a tank and rely on your first skill for damage. There is no greater satisfaction in bursting your opponents with just your first skill on 1,000 stacks. However, he is fairly weak early game, so you need to be careful and be accurate in managing your lane to maximize your gold and how fast you can stack your damage. 

His ultimate,” Fury of the Sands,” makes him near-invincible and lets him take over the fight with its magic damage buffs and cooldown reductions allowing him to single-handedly win the fight and carry his team to victory.

2. Ezreal

Credits: Riot Games

Ezreal is one of the best Marksman in the game. He’s mighty in the laning phase with how he can poke down enemies with his skills. He also has a blink skill that allows him to move through walls or chase down enemies. A good Ezreal player can 1v5 in places where there are walls that he can hide behind, and when enemies try to escape, he can just throw down his ultimate, “True Shot Barrage,” to finish them off from anywhere on the map.

But it is his third ability Arcane Shift, that allows him to single-handedly carry games on his own. It works similarly to Flash but on a relatively low cooldown. Couple with cooldown reduction from items and from Mystic Shot, it is possible to use Arcane Shift once every few seconds allowing him to be anywhere and everywhere. It even works when stunned if timed correctly. With this ability, you can escape even after being Rocket Grabbed by Blitzcrank or after being knocked up by Malphite’s Unstoppable Force. 

So you can become impossible to kill while dishing out a boatload of damage making you a prime candidate to carry games.

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1. Zed

Credits: Riot Games

Zed is one of the most popular assassin champions in Wild Rift, for a good reason. He has a lot of mobility with his shadows, making him hard to chase or escape from. His damage increases on enemies below 50% health, allowing him to one-shot anyone with his ultimate skill. However, Zed has a very high skill requirement. You’d have to spend a lot of time to get comfortable with his combo, but once you do, it is very rewarding. 

He can burst down the enemy without being touched himself. He can kill the enemy carry and swiftly move throughout the battlefield which makes him one of the strongest assassins out there. If you snowball, there is almost nothing that the enemy can do to prevent you from destroying them 1v5.

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