10 Questions With Daljit 'Daljitsk' Singh

10 Questions With Daljit 'Daljitsk' Singh

Shounak Sengupta
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Daljitsk is one of the Indian PUBG MOBILE scene’s veteran players and is one of the few names to have qualified for all three major global finals in the game’s esports circuit. Most well known for his time in Team IND, the player moved to Orange Rock at the beginning of the 2020 season to complete a powerhouse roster for the squad. His claim to fame has always been his skills with the sniper but Daljitsk is a very well rounded player with an extremely versatile skill set. 

A video version of the full interview is also available on YouTube.

10 Questions with Daljitsk

1. When did you start playing PUBG MOBILE?

I started playing even before the official version was released in India. I used to play the Chinese version. Even before that I was playing games like GTA and Counter Strike and although not professionally, I was quite decent at it. 

2. Why did you choose to be a sniper?

I really enjoy the feel of the bolt action rifle and the thrill and excitement you get in popping off someones head with a single bullet is just exhilarating. Its really a lot of fun. 

3. How did you find your way into competitive gaming?

When i started, there was barely any esports scene for PUBG Mobile. There were some known personalities like Scout, who I sent some of my videos to. Eventually we made a lineup and joined Godlike but unfornately we didn't perform too well in PMIS 2019. Then we formed Team IND and we had a good run in PMCO Spring.  

4. How did you balance your studies and gaming?

After my 10th, I chose to study science but all I ended up doing was playing PUBG Mobile. By the time my semester exams came I knew that I did not really study a single thing and there was no hope of me clearing them. But I knew that I could make a career from gaming and in November I quite my studies. My parents gave me some time to prove myself and I would play on a platform called Gaming Monk and managed to earn about roughly INR 35K in two months.  

5. What did your parents think of your choice to drop out and pursue a career in esports?

Yea for sure my parents were quite concerned when I was not doing well in school and decided to drop out. I would have frequent arguments with my father and he would take my phone away. Somehow I managed to convince him every time and after I started earning some money by playing the game, he gave me a deadline that I had to earn 200,000 INR by March of 2019. That was the time that my brother had sent me a Ipad and I continued playing and now here is where I am. 

6. And how supportive are your parents now?

Now my family is super supportive. If my match is on then all of them sit and watch it. One person who really supported me was my brother; he gave me a device and headphones and was very supportive.

7. Why did you join Orange Rock? 

I had performed quite well during the 2019 Fall Season and then during the finals I met the management of Orange Rock. I really liked them and even the team had a very aggressive play style which I enjoyed. So yea, after that season, I was in touch with the organization and eventually ended up joining them. 

8. What is your daily routine like nowadays?

I generally start my day around 10:30 and start my practice. Sometime in the middle I end up taking a break. From 2 to about 8 in the evening we generally have scrims and/or tournaments. Then somewhere after 10 is when i start my stream. 

9. What are your most memorable moments in the game?

 I think one of the most memorable moments is the chicken dinner we got with Team IND during PMCO Spring, where we fell off the bridge. Then earlier this year during PMCO, I managed to get a solo chicken dinner for Orange Rock on Sanhok. Then of course, the triple knock in Miramar during PMPL. 

10. What are your plans for the future?

I love gaming and I will definitely want to continue a career in this. I also want to complete my studies and then I also want to try and go pro in PC titles such as VALORANT. Some other goals that I have are 2 Million subscribers on YouTube and then winning an international trophy. 

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