A First Look at Fnatic India’s PUBG Mobile Bootcamp

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One of India’s most recognizable PUBG Mobile teams, Fnatic India has set up a temporary bootcamp in Mumbai, India. AFK Gaming had the opportunity to visit the facility and prepare a short tour video revealing what a professional esports training facility looks like in India.

The training facility consists of three distinct rooms. 

The tournament prep room is set up in a manner that is used at most large offline events. Seats are arranged in a ‘plus’ format where players sitting opposite each other in pairs with the router in the middle of the table.

The analysis room is where the team’s coach Aurum usually conducts one on one sessions with players or where he sits and analyzes player perspective gameplay.

Finally, the streaming room is where the players engage with their fans and entertain the PUBG Mobile community via their respective livestream channels, mostly on YouTube. This is also the room where Fnatic India’s country lead Nimish “Nemo” Raut can usually be found working.

In October 2019, Fnatic announced that it was expanding into Indian esports by acquiring the former PUBG Mobile team XSpark consisting of Sc0utOP, Ronak, Owais, InYoDream and Paritosh. Shortly after, former 8bit player Ashish “Ash” Bhatnagar joined them while Inyodream departed the team. The team also picked up a former PUBG PC professional, Pratik “Aurum” Mehra as their coach. The organization’s most successful campaign in Indian esports thus far has been a victory at PUBG Mobile All Stars (PMAS) 2019.

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