Ranking the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players

Ranking the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players

Shounak Sengupta
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2020 is now officially here and we couldn't be more excited. We wish all of our readers a happy new year and hope that together, as a community we can reach new heights in the coming 12 months. But first, we look back at the year that was and countdown our list for the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players of 2019. Now unlike some of our previous end of the year lists, the Top 10 players will be a lot more subjective. This is because, it's hard to say what makes a player good - is it just results, is it consistent performance, is it high individual skill, is it most MVP wins or is is just a summation of frags? It's a bit of everything in my opinion as players often play in different roles and different region, making the comparison extremely hard. We've also limited our picks to 2 players from a single country, so that we can accommodate different play styles and regions into it. Just because a player isn't in the list, doesn't make them any less than a player on it and we'd be happy to hear your thoughts on the top 10 players, which you can let us know in the comments below. 

Honorable mentions: It's hard to narrow down an entire year's worth of performances down to 10. Therefore, we have also made an honorable mentions list for a few players who have also had a great run in 2019.












10. Marco (Uruguay) - Team Queso

Marco is the only South American player in our top 10 list | Image via @marcopubgm

We kick off the list with Team Queso's Ayala. Queso were by far the best South American team of 2019, representing the region in both PMCOs and quite a few other international events as well. While the team itself is quite well rounded, with all the players chipping in when necessary. Even then, between Uruguay's Marco and Argentina's Ayala we went with Marco 'Marco' Poppitti because of his natural flair and showmanship which helped the player stand out among his peers. 

Notable results:

  • Top fragger - PMCO Fall South America Regional Qualifiers
  • 6th place - PMCO Fall 
  • 7th place - PMCO Spring

9. Sixless (USA) - Spacestation Gaming

Sixless has been a ray of shining light in the NA scene | Image via @VSPN_esports

Brandon Cole 'Sixless' Patterson takes the 9th spot on our list, having established himself as one of the top players in NA. While SSG's achievements  might have been overshadowed by Cloud9's rise in the last few months, few can deny the pure skill and fragging power that Sixless brings to the table. An overall entertaining personality whose unabashed humor and wit add to his confident personality , Sixless will be one of the key players from NA to look out for in 2020. 

Notable results:

  • 1st - ESL Mobile Open Atlanta
  • 1st - PMCO Spring North America

8. Sc0utOP (India) - Fnatic

Many consider Scout to be India's best player | Image via @scout_pubg

In 8th place is a player who many consider to be the best player in India and it is none other than Tanmay 'Sc0utOP' Singh. Scout's individual performance at the recently concluded Peacekeeper Elite Championship saw his being the only non Chinese player in the top 10 fraggers list. While 2019 hasn't been very kind to Scout in terms of results, the player has established himself as one with a ridiculous level of mechanical skill, a hunger and passion to win and a drive to get a LAN victory for his country. 2020 is going to be a big year for both Fnatic and Scout and with the weight of the world on him, it will be interesting to see if Scout can step up to the challenge. 

Notable results:

  • 8th place - PEC
  • 2nd place - PMCO Spring South Asia

7. Earnny (Thailand) - RRQ Athena

It's hard to imagine any list without one of Thailand's best players | Image via @rrq_earnny

Thailand is one of the premier regions for PUBG Mobile, known for producing some exceptionally talented players and teams. From RRQ Athena to Illuminate and MEGA.Conqueror, Thailand has produced some real superstars in PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, while no Thai team managed to win a big LAN in 2019, RRQ Athena's consistency means that Wachirawit 'Earnny' Ramangkool  gets a spot at number 7 on the list. He was the best performing player from his team in both editions of the PMCO and also the PMSC World Cup.

Notable results:

  • 2nd place - PMSC World Cup
  • 4th - PMCO Spring

6. Yasha (Belarus) - Team Unique

Yasha is the only player from EU to feature on our list | Image via @Liquipedia

The only European player to feature on our list is Yan 'YASHA' Shaban from Team Unique. The team were the best European squad by miles and even managed to win the PMSC World Cup in Riyadh. Having represented the squad in all the major LANs of 2019, Yasha was the best player from his side and takes the number 6 spot. 

Notable results:

  • 1st - PMSC World Cup
  • 9th - PMCO Fall

5. UnEeVen (USA) - Cloud 9

Cloud9 will be one of the key teams to look for in 2020 | Image via @c9uneeven

Cloud 9 has gone from strength to strength in recent months and one key player who has contributed massively to their meteoric rise has been Tybalt 'UnEeVen' Mallet. Cloud 9's tactical and strategical approach to the game has seen them do increasingly well in international tournaments and while their IGL, Beowulf has been instrumental in getting the team there, UnEeVen's explosive skill has also been invaluable. To be fair, it was hard to pick a player from C9 who has stood out from the rest of his teammates but in the end we went with UnEeVen for being a player who exudes confidence every time he is on the stage. 

Notable results:

  • 4th - PEC 
  • 4th - PMSC World Cup

4. Jonathan (India) - Entity Gaming

Jonathan has been ETG's best player in recent months | Image via @ghaatak_gaming 

In 4th spot, is Jonathan 'Jonathan' Jude Amaral, the player with the 4th highest kills at the PMCO Fall Championship. Jonathan's deadly aim is one of the key reasons behind ETG's success both domestically and internationally. He was one of the standout players for India at the Fall Championship and helped Entity's cause in securing a top 5 finish. A player with immense potential, it will be interesting to see how he improves upon his performances in the coming months. 

Notable results: 

5th - PMCO Fall Championship

1st - PMCO Fall South Asia 

3. Luxxy (Indonesia) - Bigetron Esports 

Twin brothers Luxxy and Zuxxy have dominated the PUBGM scene in 2019 | Image via @luxxy_made

Representing what is the best SEA team at the moment, Luxxy, Zuxxy and the rest of BTR have had a stellar run in 2019. From 5th at PMCO Spring to absolutely dominating the SEA League and then a trophy at PMCO Fall, Bigetron's success is largely credited to the twin brothers Luxxy and Zuxxy. The brothers put up a whopping 81 frags between the two of them in Malaysia and have established themselves as top contenders, going into 2020. 

Notable results: 

1st - PMCO Fall 

5th - PMCO Spring

2. Zuxxy (Indonesia) - Bigetron Esports

Fair to say that Zuxxy's leadership has been crucial to BTR's success | Image via @bagas_zuxxy

The 16-year old Indonesian player along with his twin brother Luxxy led Bigetron to a title winning run at the PMCO Fall Championship and were the star performers at the LAN. One of the more prolific IGLs in the scene,  Zuxxy has shaped Bigetron into a aggressive side who are able to dominate any fight they get into. With smart rotations and a fast paced approach, Zuxxy's leadership allowed BTR to finish the Fall Championship with over a massive 100 point lead. While BTR hasn't been in any LAN since PMCO Fall, it will be interesting to see what the team is able to achieve in 2020. 

Notable results: 

1st - PMCO Fall 

5th - PMCO Spring

1. Paraboy (China) - XQF

Hard to think of a player who is more deserving of the number 1 spot other than Paraboy | Image via @VSPN_esports

Topping the list of global player rankings in 2019 is none other than XQF's Paraboy. The player has been phenomenal both individually and in terms of results, putting up high fragging numbers consistently. From the first time we saw him at PMCO Spring to the recently concluded PEC, Paraboy has managed to stay on top of his game. With an impeccable aim in both close and medium range combat, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which Paraboy loses a gunfight. Across 2019, it's hard to think of a single player who has had a better year than XQF's Paraboy. 

Notable results: 

1st - PEC

2nd - PMCO Spring

Don't agree with our list? Let us know who your top players of 2019 were in the comments below .. 

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