3 Reasons Why Guinevere Roam Is Now Meta in Mobile Legends

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>3 Reasons Why Guinevere Roam is now Meta in Mobile Legends?</p></div>
3 Reasons Why Guinevere Roam is now Meta in Mobile Legends?


Guinevere in Mobile Legends has recently received a significant adjustment that allows her to become a top-tier roamer in the current meta.
Here are three reasons why Guinevere Roam is now meta in Mobile Legends.

Guinevere in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most underutilized heroes in the game. While the hero excels in duels, she struggles to contribute to team fights, especially if the enemy has Purify or is using Diggie. With the recent Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.30 update, Guinevere has received a significant buff that allows her to step up as one of the strongest roamers in the game. From a hero who excels in duels, the hero has become a good durable initiator for team fights. Here are five reasons why Guinevere Roam is now meta in Mobile Legends.

Why Guinevere is now a top-tier roamer in Mobile Legends

1. Flexible build

As a fighter, Guinevere has a very flexible build. If you team needs a bruiser, she can go for a mage build. If your team lacks a durable frontline tank, she can also play that role as well and build tanky items. However, keep in mind that proper itemization is crucial when using this hero as building a tank will result in very underwhelming damage unless you are already ahead of the enemy in terms of gold income.

Why Guinevere is now a top-tier roamer in Mobile Legends


2. Fast rotation speed

A must-have trait for a roamer is to be able to rotate fast and provide as much vision on the map as possible for the team. Guinevere can cast her second ability twice, allowing you to dash to a target location twice or even jump through walls. This not only offers lots of possibilities for an ambush but also allows you to roam around the map fast and gank lanes more efficiently.

You can also equip the Wilderness Blessing in the Emblem system to add more movement speed whenever you are in the jungle.

3. Almost inescapable crowd control combo

The recent Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.30 update made changes to Guinevere’s second skill. Her Spatial Migration ability now stuns enemies caught in the first cast before being knocked up, locking enemies for a guaranteed combo unless they can cast Purify in time.  Once you get the enemy knocked up, casting Guinevere’s ultimate ability will extend the knock-up effect by another two seconds. This is more than enough for your allies to follow up with attacks to eliminate targets.

While Guinevere has climbed her way up the meta in Mobile Legends, players will still need to know how to properly play the hero. Her knock-up combo can be quite tricky to pull off, especially if the enemy is already anticipating it. It is advisable to practice this hero first if you want to use her effectively in ranked games. 

Needless to say, if you want a change of pace from Healing Roamers, then you can give Guinevere a try as an initiator for your team.

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