PUBG Mobile | Interview with Entity.Neyooooo - Representing India in Milan and thoughts on the competitive scene

PUBG Mobile | Interview with Entity.Neyooooo - Representing India in Milan and thoughts on the competitive scene

Shounak Sengupta
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Today we speak to Entity Gaming's Suraj Majumdar, better known as Neyooooo. The team has been in good form recently, having qualified for the PMIT Group C Finals and the Vodafone ESL Mobile Open in Milan. But despite this, the team will have to be on their toes and not let the LAN pressure get to them as they in what is the biggest tournament of their lives. They have a hectic schedule as they travel to Pune on the 22nd and then to Milan on the 28th so support from the organization will be key to helping the team focus on their game. Let's find out what Neyooooo has to say! 

Hi Neyo! Thanks for giving us your time. Please introduce yourself for our readers. 

Hey! My name is Suraj Majumdar, my in-game name is Entity.Neyooooo, and I play for Entity Gaming.

The last month has been a great one for the ETG PUBGM team! You guys made it into the Group C finals for PMIT and qualified for Milan. Tell us a bit about how you feel about how you guys performed as a team and how you felt you performed individually.

We never thought that we were gonna qualify for Milan. We just planned on giving our best in the game and not focus on the end results. The games turned out to be pure domination by us. We won 3 games out of 5 with a 200 points lead. My individual performance was also good because of my aggressive gameplay.

How has your time in Entity been and what are you enjoying most about being with the organization?

It is great being in Entity Gaming because they don't force you to perform. In fact, they motivate you to do great. They provide us with all the facilities and in return expect us to perform for which we are grateful.

Tell us a bit about when you first started playing PUBG Mobile and decided to try your hand at the competitive side of things.

 It was a year ago. I started playing PUBG Mobile but in the start, I played this game for fun and after 3 months I met my current IGL Entity.Ghatak who brought me into the competitive scenes. And now, here we are.  

What was the reaction from your family and friends when you told them you were going to Milan to play in a tournament?  

They already told me that this is my last chance to prove myself. When they came to know that we qualified for Milan, they didn't even believe me. They were literally shocked that I actually did it. 

What are you looking forward to the most in the coming months and what are the results you'll be happy with at PMIT and at the Vodafone ESL Mobile Open?

We want the trophy of PMIT and Vodafone ESL Mobile Open. Nothing more, nothing less.

Since joining Entity and playing together with the current line up, what have been your biggest learnings personally and as a team.

I’ve learned that no matter what happens, failures should never break you down. As a new team, there were communication and coordination problems but we stayed together and overcame that. 

Both you and Orange Rock Esports will be playing at the Group C finals and then at Milan. Do you see them as potential rivals and if so what about them impresses you the most? 

Orange Rock Esports is one of the best teams in India and they are good competition. The best thing about them is their decision making at crucial times and their aggressive gameplay.

What is Entity as a team focusing on right now and which are the areas that you think your team can improve in the short term? 

Right now, we are just focusing on #1 in every tournament and as a team, we are not currently lacking in anything but as time passes we will come to know. 

If you had to pick a teammate, prioritize the following aspects of their game.  1. Communication | 2. Raw skill | 3. Competitive experience and composure under pressure | 4. Synergy inside and outside the game

It would have to be: Competitive experience and composure under pressure. > Raw skill > Communication > Synergy inside and outside the game 

Who do you think is the best team in the world right now and what do you think that team is doing better than other teams?

XQF is undoubtedly the best team in the world right now. The best thing in them is the trust they hold for each other they believe each other's calls, cover fire, backup, and assistance. That's why they are fearless.

Who has been your biggest support system since you started playing competitively?

Entity.Ghatak is the one because he kept me motivated and brought me into the competitive scene.

Thanks for your time. Do you have any shoutouts and/or any message for your fans?

Thank you for supporting us. It is just the start of an era.

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