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YouTuber 'Paras' Allegedly Assaulted Over YouTube Video

Abhimannu Das
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Youtuber Paras Singh was allegedly attacked by seven or eight individuals on Monday morning.
He identified “Daku” as one of the attackers, who is a high-ranking BGMI player.
The attack took place after Paras brought up carding as a problem in the BGMI community.

Youtuber Paras Singh, who runs the channel “Paras Official” covering games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, was allegedly beaten up by multiple individuals after making a Youtube video. The content creator who has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube pleaded for help after being allegedly assaulted. Paras was able to identify only one of the attackers and the person identified denied all accusations.

Paras spoke out against carding in the BGMI community recently

Many feel that the attack on Paras was due to the vocal opinions against carding in the BGMI community. There is a popularity rating system in BGMI and players allegedly use illegal methods to gain higher popularity ranks. The easiest way to gain popularity rating is by getting gifts from other players (accounts) and according to Paras, there are players who use “carding” to gift themselves. Carding is a term associated with credit card fraud. People use stolen credit card details to purchase items.

After the video was posted, Paras had a verbal argument with “Daku”, who is a high-ranking player in BGMI. Soon after the video, Paras was allegedly beaten up by seven or eight individuals. Paras made a follow-up video talking about the assault on him and named “Daku” as one of the culprits involved. Paras suffered multiple injuries and has apparently fractured his hand and has a broken nose. The trespassers came in the early morning on Monday and pushed his mother aside to get to him.

The incident happened in Punjab, India, and Paras asked for help by reaching out to the Punjab police. An official complaint has allegedly been filed and he is yet to receive a response. Paras claims that he has shifted to a different house for now to evade the attackers.

Last year, Paras was arrested after making some racial slurs against an Arunachal Pradesh government official. The official had talked about how BGMI is a threat to the security of India, the privacy of its citizens and a way to circumvent Indian laws. The content creator lashed out at the official and legal action was taken against him.

Assuming Paras’ statement to his fans is true, it is a highly unfortunate predicament for the YouTuber as his safety is still uncertain. Violence in any form should be condemned and hopefully, the police are able to identify the culprits behind the attack.

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